Monday, August 20, 2007

Dream - The elephant entity

Around the end of December 2005, I had a dream that had an entity in it of a type that I don't normally see.

In the dream, I was driving in the early morning on a divided highway. The road looked like it had just been raining and was shining in the sun. As I came into Arizona from another state, the speed limit dropped to 55. My brother, in another car, went on ahead, still going fast. I was reluctant to go much faster than the speed limit, though, and slowed down.

A pickup truck passed me, and as it did I saw that it had no cab, just a pickup bed with four wheels. A small elephant was sitting in the middle of the bed. Everything was in dark silhouette, though gray rather than black.

As it passed me, it faded, but it was always there as a kind of darkness. It moved on down the highway, becoming more visible at times. I thought that if any state trooper was checking for speeders and saw that, they'd never believe anything else they saw, and I smiled, thinking I could probably go faster and get away with it. I didn't really take advantage of it, though.

I had the feeling that the entity was on my side, helping me, like some kind of guardian angel.

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