Sunday, September 02, 2012

Dream - The dimensional doorway in the wall by my bed, and the mysterious woman who helped me through it

On Saturday, May 22, 2010, around 12:05-3:15 PM, I dreamed that when I was little, a woman took me through the wall, into another dimension, and out again, coming out of an opening in the opposite wall of the next room, into the girls' (my sisters) bedroom, which was huge, unlike in real life, and at least temporarily unoccupied, though it had furniture and things. To do it she had to turn a large combination lock that was mounted on the wall or somehow slightly inside the wall. and somehow hidden, and then open a small narrow door that led into the other dimension. The door was perhaps two feet wide and three feet high, and a very thin slab of dull gray metal. Years later, after I had grown up, I was thinking about it, trying to figure it out, had it really happened, how had it been done, how could I find the doorway again. It seemed to be hidden somehow.

A business man who had a large ship contacted me, saying he knew how to do it. I didn't know how he knew about it, or about me. He came to my house and talked with me a while, trying to make a deal. There seemed to be something he wanted from it, in exchange for showing me how to do it. There seemed to be a large treasure involved, stacks of money that had been stored in the wall or other dimension, just beyond the door, not huge stacks, maybe as much as a foot high in places. But there also seemed to be something else that he wanted, that there was something else he could find there, or maybe that going through would give him some kind of power or ability that he wanted, something that would give him an advantage over other people, people that he might be in a conflict with, that would enable him to better battle them. It was a sense I got, he didn't really answer me, though I pressed him a bit upon it.

I laid down on the bed under the window while we talked, at least toward the end of it, and went through some things that had just come in the mail. The bed was my brother's, who no longer stayed here, and now it was my bed, too. I normally slept in the other bed, though, at the side wall, where I also had some mail laying. It was some older mail, and I had earlier been going through some of that while we talked. The door had been in the wall beside my bed, high up, so that the bottom of it was roughly level with the mattress.

Now, on the other bed, I was a little nervous at him seeing what I was doing with the mail. Part of it was a small catalog, mounted on stiff cardboard, showing books and things one could buy, on esoteric subjects, ESP, strange things, etc., and I felt that he would think it was in competition to what he was proposing. Though he glanced at it, he didn't seem to be bothered by it, seeming to just consider it a distraction. Worried about what he really wanted, I was unable to make a decision at the time, and put it off.

I left the room and wandered around. I seemed to be in a huge multistory mansion now, that had a luxury ship's interior as the theme, and some kind of party was going on. I wandered out to the back a bit, and there was a dock, and water beyond, though it wasn't exactly the ocean, maybe an arm of it or perhaps part of a lake.

A man came up with a clown's face, made up that way, though sometimes I could see a different face partly superimposed, that of a seaman, a sailor. He seemed to be middle aged. He said that he could help me against the other man, that he knew of him from earlier. I got the impression that it might have been a past life, one that had ended by being killed by the man or his helpers, or maybe by a past life version of the man. The clown face was apparently just a disguise. He was trying to keep the man from knowing he was there. He said he could help me find the doorway, but I had to go on a search for something involving it, perhaps the combination to open the door, I'm not sure.

I went to a place by the stairway going up, with its wood a varnished polished bright medium brown, and wood pieces on the wall behind it. I went up the stairs a bit, then went over the railing and was climbing on the wood of the wall, sometimes squeezed between it and the railings. Sometimes people were on the stairs, not a great many, and they sometimes looked at me strangely, seeming to wonder what I was doing and if I needed help. I was evidently one of the hosts of the party.

I eventually made my way back down, without finding anything that was useful, though I did find some kind of odd things that were related to it somehow. I felt that I didn't get high enough, but that I had to come down now, it was getting too dangerous for some reason. Maybe I felt the man might be coming back soon and I didn't want him to see me trying to find it. I dropped down the last bit, near a railing piece that ran along the wall above an extremely narrow strip of planter with landscaping. There had been wider areas of landscaped planter strips that I had gone up the wall above in other places earlier.

I wanted to find the clown man again and I think I did so briefly, from a distance, but then I had to make my way back to the part that was my home. Somewhere around then, or perhaps after I got home, the word came to me from a distance somehow, that the man was willing to give up on the matter. He had to give up, his ship was sinking, and he wanted to know my terms, what I would allow him to have.

Going home, I went along a very small narrow concrete bridge that ran along the front, with water to the right and under it, and a small strip of water, just inches, on the left, between the bridge and the building. The concrete was crumbling a bit, though it was clean and bright. It had little bright cement ridges going up at the sides every foot or so, along the very low railing, and they sometimes showed little plants sprouting up where they joined the floor of the bridge. The house had a narrow strip of landscaping running between it and the water.

I finally made it to the front door and went in. Some other people were there, at least part of them family members. I found, or was partly directed to, or maybe somehow remembered it, something on the wall of the girls' room near the window, some homemade decorations that had been made by them years ago. One was a small Christmas tree cut out of green construction paper, now faded with age. It was perhaps eight inches high, and had layers of trees, at slightly different angles, each projecting out slightly from the one underneath, and the later ones, especially the those sticking out the furthest, being smaller than those behind. Some other decorations were around it. Behind the Christmas tree decoration was a heavy steel rod holding it out from the wall an inch or two.

I went to it and was saying something like, "You mean this?" and feeling the rod, "I've known about this." It seems the Christmas tree decoration hid the combination lock dial.

I went and talked to my father, who was in a large bedroom across the hall, next to the master bedroom. He was looking much younger, maybe in his forties. The room he was in doesn't exist in real life. I asked him if he knew anything about a safe that was hidden in the wall. He, looking a little uncomfortable about talking about it, said that, yes, he had put something in, back in the 1960s apparently, so he could save money in it. He had put money in it back then, accumulated it over time. It was still there, he hadn't done anything with it. Most of it, especially the last, I got perhaps more from impressions than him actually saying anything. There was some kind or particular combination of numbers that had to be followed, that corresponded now with positions of other decorations.

He gave me the numbers. They were long numbers, three to five digits long, and it seemed there were three main ones, but he gave me two others that followed them, seemingly secondary ones but ones that also had to be used. The woman from the past who had taken me through it had come back now (she looked somewhat like Jacob's mother from the TV show Lost). She was trying to help me now. We went to the wall with the safe, along with several other people. She was talking to me about it, trying to help, and I was saying that the various number positions corresponded to these particular positions on the wall, these decorations, move it here and here and here, and so on, as I turned the green paper Christmas tree decorations around, back and forth. Most of it involved fairly small movements, making my way through the numbered positions, though not actually seeing the numbers. As I went I became doubtful, unsure of what the later numbers were, but I felt it was something I had to complete, and that I would somehow complete.

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