Sunday, September 02, 2012

Dream - The silver giants and the dangerous devices

On Monday, May 10, 2010, in a sleep period around 9:00 AM-12:45 PM, I dreamed I was in a place like DeVry (a college I went to), square, with halls around the edges. It was at least two stories, maybe more. I spent a lot of time wandering around. Sometimes I went to different stories, but there was some difficulty in doing so. The passages going up or down were generally at the corners, and it was more like climbing up out of, or going down from, a big square hole in the floor. Sometimes I climbed up on top of things, even narrow room dividers. I'm not sure exactly what purpose the place had, though it seemed to be partly a school, but also partly a business, maybe even partly a hospital, and had a big area with women doing what seemed to be secretarial and bookkeeping work. I occasionally talked to people I met, teachers and others.

At some point, after I had gone to the second floor, I went back down, an awkward business, and went around to the back, outside. I was on a back corner anyway. It was cool and there was a slight wind, and the light was dim, like it was late afternoon. The sky looked gray-white, almost overcast, streaked with dirt. Things were changing, feeling more ominous.

I was at the southeast corner of the building. I went a little way along the back, and stopped and talked to someone there. He talked about someone coming, and pointed perhaps 50 or 60 feet further along, where a strange figure stood, silver in color, like a statue frosted with aluminum. It was about 8 or 10 feet high, and heavily built, especially the upper body, and had a huge head. It was almost like a Pan figure, a goatman, though it wore some clothes, also silver, pants and shirt and vest, that seemed much too small for it. It seemed to be some kind of ancient minor god that had been awakened and summoned. It was talking to a man and sometimes glanced in our direction. It seemed like it could be dangerous, but it didn't have any personal interest in causing a lot of trouble, and was talking with the man to see if he knew when the person who had summoned him would arrive. He basically seemed to lack direction until that happened, though he had been given a general idea of what was planned. I couldn't hear any of it, it was a matter of what the man next to me said, which wasn't much, and just being able to feel what was happening, and to partly picture it.

It was seeming very creepy out there now, and potentially dangerous, and the man next to me was warning me to get away. When I wasn't doing it, and just slightly backing up, he kept doing it, telling me I had to leave now.

I went back around the corner, and to the front of the building, sometimes looking back, and I think it was probably this time that I left and went out in the parking lot. It was brighter now, sunny, and things felt a lot better. Showing how I could take longer steps than normal, I began actually gliding through the air to extend it, to oohs and ahhs from the people watching. I went past the front of the building, going mostly west, and stepped across a small dividing area of curbs and dirt and brush and across a small road and another dividing area, to another parking section beyond, gliding most of the distance.

There was some question, though, about a device. A tall man was there, who had followed me part of the way across the parking lots. He looked kind of rural, like a tall farm worker. We talked briefly about the device and what it meant. I think it was something left in the parking lot by someone. I decided I had to go back to the building, maybe to tell them about it. I didn't really want to have to go all the way back there. I may have left the device where it was, probably did. It wasn't real big, something mounted on a square bottom that was maybe 12 or 14 inches across. I didn't know what it was for and why it was left, though there was a feeling that there might be some danger about it, like it might be a bomb, and I had a feeling that there was a bad guy that had been lurking around that had done it. I don't think I ever saw the bad guy, except sometimes as a dark presence, not close to where I was but off quite a ways. We didn't know if he or whoever left the device was going to come back and get the device, either.

I went all the way back to the building, back to the back corner, and was trying to get up to the second floor. I think I ended up going up and down two or three times. Someone had to point out to me how it was done, and I think it was in fact a little different than before, though part of it was that I had gotten a little rusty, I felt. There was a lot more activity now, too. I climbed up the homemade ladder, a wide rickety structure of old boards, with the steps just being big thin boards, on edge, with the flat side nailed to the front of the two boards that made up the sides. There were actually two ladders, one that went perhaps two thirds of the way and another one that loosely hung down at an angle partly over the top of the one below. The passage was also very cluttered, mostly filled with other things, some of which projected out in the way. The passages had been cluttered before, though.

At some point it was noticed that someone had left a device there, on a square piece of thin gray board or metal, about 8 inches or so across. It was something somewhat complicated, held down by a gray metal strap that was bolted to the bottom. It had something in it like a gray flare, but shorter and wider, and softer looking, like it was made out of cloth and stuffed. It had wires and tubes too I think, along with maybe a few other things. I noticed it for a while before I said anything, but one of the times I was using the passage I finally said something about it. I was intending to leave soon and I just couldn't leave it that way. Some people looked at it and picked it up, and I think I even held it for a while, maybe even taking it up with me and asking about it with the people up there, the women in the apparent secretarial/bookkeeping section. I did go up and ask about it, even if I didn't bring it with me. One of the women in the secretarial/bookkeeping section was talking to me about it, while I got up on something, a tall room divider near a wall I think, and crouched down on it, near the ceiling. As I talked to her from about 10 feet away, she was sometimes talking to other people on a phone that was mounted to her head, with a small microphone that came around to the front. She said she called someone about it, but hadn't heard back yet.

I noticed that she had something similar herself, on the floor beside her, though less complicated, and the padded gray tube had turned and was turning, bending in the middle at a place past the strap, forming a short right-angled section. I said I wondered if that was it, that they had been sabotaged, changed so that when they started doing that they became dangerous and might do something.

I had a white plastic pen in my right front pants pocket. They had been given out by the company, lots of them. They had the company name on them, it was kind of a commemorative thing, with advertising. I wondered if they were all going to change, become like that, that it had been something that was planned, and the one in my pants pocket might be changing now, I felt that it was, becoming wider and softer, as part of the transition to something else, and that they might all become bombs, or whatever it was that the enemy had planned for them. With so many around, practically everywhere in some parts of the building, it was going to be very difficult to stop it, to find them all, and everyone might have to leave, evacuate.

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