Saturday, August 25, 2012

Dream - The imitation Superman and the Kryptonian lettuce-man

On Monday, September 6, 2010, Labor Day, sometime in the afternoon, while napping at the computer, I dreamed I was in the neighborhood, going along 74th St., back to the house. Earlier I had been in a shopping center, that it seems went in parts into a shallow cave. I was also sometimes in a very large tunnel dug out of the earth, with uneven dirt walls. I was a long time in this part of the dream. I was a Superman-like figure, but at the same time apart, someone else too. There were some Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen and Perry White people, too.

Now I was also two people going back to the house somehow, generally separated, one sometimes more back by McDowell Rd. We had been at a shopping center there, where Los Arcos used to be.

Somebody was suspicious of me/us. I turned onto a cross street, still heading home, and something happened, I'm not sure if there was a struggle, or if I just confronted him and overpowered him, but I ended up carrying him around for a while, like a very large stuffed pillow. I got home, and he wouldn't give up, and I finally banged his head repeatedly and violently on things, holding his body and swinging him down. He was now more like a Teddy bear made out of a pillow. Some other people came in and wondered about what I was doing, maybe the Jimmy-Lois-Perry people, but I quickly hid him. Then after a while, I sneaked him out the window with me. He was much smaller now, and I held him against me like a light gray throw pillow wrapped up in some cloth.

I took him back to the shopping center where Los Arcos used to be. It was several stories high, maybe as many as six or eight, and was still under construction, though it was being used. I tried to hide him somewhere, but then had to move him. Eventually, I was high up on a partially finished section. I was going to try to sneak him out, but construction workers were around. It seems I was temporarily injured or weakened somehow, too, and didn't have all my powers. After sneaking along the section I was on, I tried to cross the gap to another, higher part of the building. Some scattered workers saw me and remarked on it, saying that something seemed to be wrong with me. Flying up and across a little, I managed to reach up and pull myself up onto the building section. People knew I was Superman and I didn't want them to know that something was wrong with me. I wasn't the real Superman, just a lesser imitation somehow, and knew this, but they didn't. They were wondering what I was doing, excited about it and talking among themselves while they watched me. I tried to seem like everything was alright, smiling, tried to seem purposeful. I still had to hide the package, the cloth-wrapped pillow-like man, somewhere. I put it in the section of the building I had reached, temporarily hiding it there. This area was still under construction, and probably no one would come here for a while.

A little later, I came back and got it and walked behind the buildings. It was still about the size of a flat throw pillow, wrapped up in cloth. There was a lot of mostly open land, fields, with widely spaced homes. I took it to where they were growing some lettuce-like things, something like leaf lettuce, a little purplish looking. I tried to hide it among them. A man was there, bent over, working. He somehow knew what was going on, and had even been waiting for me. He looked up at me in immediate understanding, and grunted an acknowledgment. We had actually done this sort of thing before. He was going to hide it among the densely packed rows of thick bunches of lettuce leaves. People most likely would never look way out here, or suspect anything, but if they did come out it would be hard to see without doing a thorough search, which they would have no reason to do. The package actually seemed to blend with the lettuce as I handed it toward him, and as we were both holding it for a time, it was coming to look something like the lettuce, seeming to become in part purplish lettuce. I hoped that it would be alright, that he would be alright. He was injured when I was beating up on him, and I hoped he would heal. The lettuce was actually from Krypton, Kryptonian lettuce, and it seemed that the genes from it would be partly blended into his, making him actually part lettuce. Since the lettuce was from Krypton, it too had superpowers, and I hoped and felt that being partly made of it would speed his healing and make him stronger faster, make him much better able to heal, and that he would get better quickly, in only a few days.

Then I went away from the area, to the edge of it, on I guess the north, and it seemed the land blended into a large ship, though embedded in the land, and I was walking along it along the way between the railing and the rooms. I met some people along the way, some of whom seemed to be against me. It seems I was at least partly disguised as Clark Kent at least part of the time. I also met some people from work, maybe Jimmy and Lois. There were some small struggles at times, and something about the lettuce-man coming back, sometimes as partly a man I think, and there was some worry that someone was going to try to hold it over me, what I had done to him, use the threat of exposure of it to control me. I don't remember much about it anymore.

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