Friday, January 22, 2010

Dream - Driving on a road on the side of a vertical cliff, then throwing an odd device into the backyard

Sometime in January, 2008, I had a dream in which I was driving, and the road became too steep and the engine couldn't produce enough power. I finally went to the right across the lanes, and the road got more and more lanes, lanes that kept turning up toward the left and going almost vertical, and the lane markings contracted to perhaps a foot wide at the curve and the painted dotted lines on the road turned to continuous stone ridges. I drove sideways across the lanes and the road was now for all practical purposes vertical and slightly bulging, a cliff that curved around, with me driving horizontally across the bulge.

I saw a few people and a small building or two on the land not far below, and I stopped and went down to them. It became dark, and I was looking with a flashlight in the building for something. There was some object in a far corner under a thick shelf that reflected the light back at me. I discovered that it was a small shiny dumbbell with cylindrical ends, with one of the ends almost pointed at me. I felt that it contained something dangerous, some device of some kind, and was not what it looked like. I left, and the room turned out to be the utility room at home. I told my mother about it and she was concerned, and so I went to have another look. I took the device and threw it out in the yard toward the fence. I thought it might be something left by a spy.

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