Friday, January 15, 2010

Dream - A game with superheroes and a villain

On Sunday, January 4, 2009, a little before supper, I fell asleep and had a dream in which I was driving in Nevada going north, and became involved in a game with people playing superheroes and a villain.

In the dream, I was in Nevada driving back to Fallon, on a small two lane road. I was apparently in some place like the area north of Beatty or maybe the Walker Lake area. It was an area with mountains around it.

I turned to the left, went a ways on a slight downhill grade, turned to the right, went a ways, turned to the right again, making three sides of a box, and went a ways on a slightly rising land, going by the side of a mountain. There were also mountains by the earlier sections of road, but they sloped back more. I then turned to the left, the land still rising some. I kept turning to the left, going around the other side of the mountain, finally making an almost U-turn and going down a slight slope through generally flat but slightly wavy land, with mountains around here and there.

I would get to around that area and then stop and redo it, over and over, sometimes not reaching that far. It didn't seem exactly like the scene was being replayed, it was more like a game was being played over and over, a new game each time. There were superheroes and supervillains, but they were just people pretending to be them, playing a part. They weren't professional actors either, just people, sometimes different people in different games. It was basically some kind of race, with the hero trying to beat the villain and the villain trying to beat the hero and each one trying to stop or hinder the other. Other heroes would show up along the way to assist. I was the main hero.

The villain was generally somebody bald and wearing dark glasses and some kind of tight, padded tan coat with dark raised lines outlining his chest and I think shoulders, some other places too. I kept thinking of him as sort of a Lex Luther type, but he seems more like something the Flash would have fought.

Sometimes he would attack me at various places and get the upper hand for a while, even being considerably ahead going across the wavy land, at least for a while. Sometimes I would get the better of him in the area with the turns, or if I didn't sometimes he would be caught by the other superheroes. I think one of them was kind of like Aquaman, one of them was kind of like Green Arrow, and there was also a woman who wore a mostly white costume and had black things around her eyes with long black costume rays coming out from them. She had some kind of small creature that was associated with her, though earlier I think it may have been more associated with the Aquaman type character.

The creature was a small, maybe golf ball size, vaguely gray thing, sort of roundish but with flatter ends, almost like a chunk cut off a branch, with long physical ray-like things coming out from it. Earlier they were more like long brownish strings, but later they were long, black, slightly transparent rays, very thin and flexible. It was supposed to be some kind of strange sea creature with special powers.

There may have been one or two more heroes. There was also an odd vehicle they had. It just seemed to be by the road without them doing anything with it, like it showed up with them like a prop, though I guess the thought was that it had flown in with them. It almost seemed like a Flintstones-type vehicle.

The people were all aware that they were just playing roles, and frequently all or most of them would get replaced with new people for the next game. It seemed to be some kind of touristy thing.

At least a couple of times toward the end, the villain, who had gotten past me, was stopped by the other heroes, who started showing up just before the second right turn and then in force between the second right turn and the left turn that eventually led to the wavy land. At least one time the villain glumly complained about his situation, about the heroes showing up and capturing him again.

Though I had been driving at first, the cars we were using got smaller and stranger, like they weren't really cars, just odd very small little vehicles of some kind, open, one person things, sometimes only a few feet long. Sometimes it wasn't much more than a strange chair with bars that looped around it and maybe wheels underneath. Sometimes it was something ridden standing up, maybe even being pushed along with one foot.

The last two times that the superheroes captured the villain in the stretch after the second right turn, I took the small sea creature and ran with it held out high in one hand. The first time pale brown strings came out from it, going way out toward and behind me, stretched out by the wind of my passage, the second time it was the black rays stretched out by the wind, wide initially but narrowing to points at the ends, a faded black, slightly transparent, very thin, like plastic the thickness of ashes. One of the points kept trying to get in my eyes, which was an annoyance.

The first time, an additional right turn appeared before the road turned left and I think this was retained with the second time, but the second time the road extended further back toward the way I had come, back toward Arizona, and the road went on to higher land and after a little while into and through the gas pump area of a service station. Both times the woman hero had made some kind of comment when I took the little creature. This second time she followed after me, talking to me and trying to get me to stop, to come back.

I think I went through the pump area but came back, maybe a couple of times. I was thinking that maybe I should get gas or maybe just food. Gas did seem to be a concern, though I didn't seem to be using a car at that point. Maybe I planned to later. The woman also seemed to be thinking about getting gas. I may have encouraged her to, also. She was still trying to get me to stop and come back.

There was also something about a big multistory old house, either before or after, something about going in and out of it, in and out the windows too, even upper story windows, and maybe going on the roof. Someone may have been after me or trying to get me. I also think I may have been looking for something, maybe something hidden in the house somewhere, perhaps even in the attic.

I was either awakened by my mother asking about supper, or I woke up by myself just before she came.

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