Thursday, December 31, 2009

Dream - A car with the Golden Girls, and I become a giant and move my car by hand

On Thursday, July 3, 2008, I dreamed about driving over the hill from Scottsdale, Arizona, into Phoenix. Another car was with us, populated with something like the Golden Girls. Sometimes I was driving and sometimes I seemed to be controlling the car from the passenger seat, sometimes even from the back seat. It was hard to see sometimes, particularly to the side or back. I had to change lanes sometimes and it was hard to see if anyone was there. I had to get to the right because I was going to make a right turn sometime after I got over the hill.

I finally made it all the way to the right side sometime after going over the top. I turned too quick, though, and got on the wrong street. I should have turned on the next major street instead. This street had much more difficult going and led after a ways up and around a mountain. It was too late now. The other car also turned with me. Someone was with me in my car, but I'm not sure who.

After a while I was a giant figure outside the car, moving it along the road with my hand. The wheels on the car became or had added to them big thin metal disks. The asphalt road became divided with several grooves like car treads. I was moving the car forward, pushing it along so that the metal disks stayed in the grooves. I had to move the car over to the left, though. It was all the way to the right and in the way of cars coming toward us. (Looking back at this now, I'm not sure whether this is correct, since we drive on the right. It may be that another road was joining this one while this one curved. I remember something like that happening.) There weren't many cars coming that way, though, and I got it moved over, in steps, in time.

The road was very hilly. It finally got to where it went almost straight up for a considerable distance, and then twisted and turned over and went upside down for a little ways before turning right side up again and then going down a steep hill on the other side. This worried me. Although I successfully made the car follow the road, moving it with my hand, the car was still subject to the rules of gravity, or should be. I thought of how terrible it must be to have to come from the other way, almost impossible to do without the car falling off, and yet I had done it before long ago.

There was a sharp left turn near the bottom to a picnic area that I should have gone to but missed the turn. It was a place I had been before. I was thinking about going back to it somehow.

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