Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Dream - Walking home from the Nevada border, finally riding a three-wheeled motorcycle

Perhaps ten or fifteen years ago, I dreamed of driving home to Arizona from Nevada, and driving back and forth from Arizona to Nevada, and finally walking back home from around the Arizona-Nevada border. I walked along a road through the desert that went through a long section where a lot of road construction was going on. They were building a four-lane divided highway, though it was just dirt now. Then eventually the road became more primitive, one paved lane going each way, with a dirt road/path off to the side. Beyond the road was a fence that was wire on wooden posts.

I walked along the road, spending a lot of time on the other side of the fence, endless walking through a day that turned into night. Tall dead yellow grass covered large areas, especially later in the journey, and shone silver in the moonlight. The grass was especially tall and especially common by the fence.

As I approached the edge of Phoenix I met up with someone, maybe my brother, maybe my father, maybe both. I got on a small three-wheeled motorcycle that was in a small dirt lot with fences around it, more wire strung on wooden poles. The others were riding them, too. I think the motorcycles might have been waiting for us or perhaps they had arranged for them to be there, or perhaps we just took them. I think a problem might have occurred in that some of the motorcycles started going by themselves and following us, chasing us in a haphazard way. We were riding around, going all over the place and doing wheelies sometimes.

I think we had a general plan to make it toward home, but we went in a lot of different directions, going in circles even, probably in part to elude pursuit. I think we did make it home, or at least I did. It seemed that the ending repeated itself several times.

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