Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Dream - The small town and the huge Joker-like figure

Maybe four years or so ago, I had a strange dream about traveling to a small town with a dense downtown area with a lot of things to do there, some of it touristy stuff. There also seemed to be some kind of festival going on in which costumes were worn and people were walking around in them, in the streets even, no big crowds though.

There was some kind of movie theater on one side, that had a big plastic flattened 3-D internally lit-up clown face with a big exaggerated smile on it, the face sticking out high above the sidewalk. There was some kind of competing business across the street and down a little ways.

I think one or more of the businesses might have been satanic. I think even part of the people wandering around were controlled by people who ran the town and were sinister in some way and sometimes out to get us.

I was staying at a motel with someone else, maybe my father. It was dark outside, night.

It seemed that the whole town was enclosed in something, some kind of curved ribbed structure where the part between the ribs was some kind of flexible plastic, maybe even clear plastic, that was high up and had lower branches going to and covering side streets. The structure blended into a kind of gray fog and was mostly hidden by it, especially the lower portions.

There was also a gigantic figure sometimes seen leaning over, face and shoulders above the ribbed covering, peering down at us, a clown figure, Joker-like, the mouth open in a big exaggerated smile, the eyes interested. I'm not certain if the figure was actually alive, at least at times it seemed to be a robot.

I think I was there a few days.

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