Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Dream - The vampire who loved me

Late in the evening on Tuesday, January 6, 2009, I had a strange dream about a vampire woman who loved me very much.

In the dream, there was something about a large low building. A few people had been there earlier, but most had left. It was dark. Earlier the dream had been about other things, but that part is almost entirely forgotten.

Now, a woman with dark hair stood in the building, wearing a grayish purple dress that went straight across the front with the shoulders bare, and a lighter colored small jacket that was mostly open at the front. She was a vampire and was in love with me. The others had found out who she was and she was afraid that they would try to kill her because she was a vampire. Apparently I hadn't known, either, and may still not have known.

She decided to take a thick round wooden peg, maybe eight inches long, and push it in her chest. I wasn't there but watched as a bodiless dream observer. She was trying to make herself into a sympathetic character and show that she really loved me and wasn't going to do me any harm. I wondered if she was faking it, if she was really shoving it into her heart. There was an earlier version of the scene, where she shoved it in and then pulled out the top of her dress a little and looked and you could see a little blood between her breasts.

Now, she had pushed it in some, looking upset and worried, her lips sometimes trembling a little, then she would shove it in some more. She pulled out the top of her dress and looked, but there was no visible blood, just an little area of thick clear fluid between her breasts, like seepage from an injury. She pushed the stake in some more, until only an inch or two stuck out, her head tilted back a little. She didn't die, though. It seemed she had a few minutes, in spite of the vampire legends. She was strong enough to last that long, maybe even over half an hour. I needed to show up soon, though.

The other people were somehow aware of what was done, or maybe it was just people in general, or the collective unconscious, with almost murmuring thoughts, what will he do, will he save her? There was a sense of great expectation, as people or whatever it was waited to see.

About that time I woke up, either by myself or by my mother, who asked about me feeding the cats, though I think I woke up a little before she came.

I lay there and thought about the dream, and replayed it in my mind, and then seemed to drift back after a while to where I was at least partially back in the dream, and I came to her and found her standing with the stake in her, and seeing the situation I immediately pulled it out, working it back and forth with my fingers until it was loose enough. It replayed a few times, and I wondered if I had obtained a pair of pliers and initially used that to loosen it, though if so it was not shown. In any case, I got it out.

She put her left hand softly over the hole, not trying to stem the flow of blood, as there wasn't any. She stood there quietly, softly looking up at me. I looked at her as if to say, how could you doubt me, how could you think I would do anything else?

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