Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dream - Space aliens are coming to get us

Early on Sunday, December 7, 2008, I had a strange dream in which we were invaded by aliens from outer space.

In the dream, it was night and I was at home. The rest of the family was there, including my father and everyone else, as far I can remember. Some other people were there, too. We were about to be invaded by extraterrestrial aliens. It had happened earlier and somehow we had gotten out of it, or it was perhaps just a preliminary thing, but now they were coming back and it was going to be very difficult, almost impossible to escape them. We were going to be totally controlled by them. They had machines to control our minds, and I think drugs too.

I was loading boxes of stuff from the back yard into the station wagon, which was parked in the side yard by the fence. Other cars were there, too, and the rest of the family was also working at loading things. The other people were, too. We were also loading food. Time seemed to be getting desperately short. We were going to my younger sister's house, because they were expecting us to be here instead and it would give us a little more time until they figured it out. We were going to make our last stand there at her house.

Then we got word they were coming. They came before we had totally left, though I think some of the cars were gone. They were strange figures that seemed to be part of the darkness, that would partially melt into view. They didn't seem to understand about the leaving. Cars could drive away right in front of them and they didn't understand what was happening. They seemed to be just concerned about what was there. I went around to the opposite side yard, toward the back, and hid. It was getting light now. The back yard was much bigger now than in real life and was huge, though earlier it had been the same size. The house was much bigger now, too, and might have even been two story.

There was an electrical line that went to a house evaporative cooler out in the yard, a line that was taken down by someone, perhaps even me, to try to delay the alien takeover. It seemed an important part of blocking the electricity use. I was hoping to sneak out before the aliens got their own stuff set up there, but now I saw that a thick light gray rubbery cable had been attached to it, with shallow light gray rubber collars at each end. The cable went through the air between the two attachment points, sagging some between them.

I went forward into it. It seemed that part of getting away was getting past it for some reason, or maybe I just had to take it down to delay things some more for them, as well as hampering their capabilities, and to increase my chances of escaping. I was a little nervous about doing it. I didn't know if I would get zapped by electricity or how hard it would be to break it loose, and I also worried about being seen.

Surprisingly though, when I pressed against it, it easily came loose at the end toward the house. The line wasn't very long, perhaps six to eight feet. It didn't attach directly to the house but to some intermediate structure. I went past it and eventually got to Scottsdale Road and then to Thomas Road, though I went back and forth from the shop to the Thomas Road area.

The aliens were out and about now, and now looked, in the daylight, like humans, though somewhat on the short side. A lot of them looked something like Keanu Reaves (probably because in real life I had recently been seeing ads for the new "The Day the Earth Stood Still" movie with him in it). I was trying to avoid them and stay out of their reach. If they got too close, especially if they could grab you, they could take you over.

There were various structures by the road and in the median, things like huge tall shelves, frequently with things on them, generally metal things I think. There were also stacks or structures of tall metal boxes. The various things were usually painted white or light gray.

I went back to Thomas Road, going there above the ground. I was partly climbing up things along the way and partly just using them as aids in hovering. I guess I was eight to ten feet up, trying to keep out of the reach of them. There were quite a few of them, but they didn't really seem interested in chasing me. They mainly just tried to get me when they happened to be close, though they did seem to be in the process of slowly tracking me, as well as anyone else not yet taken over.

Then some much taller ones appeared. I became aware that these were the real rulers, the real people in control, the others were just workers. These seemed much more intelligent, to the point that they were even a little bored by the whole thing. They were making their way down to Thomas Road now.

One of them, maybe ten or more feet tall and looking again like Keanu Reaves (I marvelled that he could be so tall and yet only look slightly more heavily built), kept absent-mindedly reaching for me while he talked to someone else, some other alien. I had to get much higher but it was very hard to get high enough. I seemed to lack the power to get that high. He was reaching up, looking up at me now and then, his hand almost able to get my legs, sometimes even slightly brushing my feet. I kept trying to get higher.

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