Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dream - Magnetic flux lines hanging down

Early in the morning of November 5, 2008, I had a dream of a town in a valley in the mountains, and later when I tried to leave, utility poles with bright magnetic flux lines hanging down blocked my way.

The dream was fairly long, but the first part is almost entirely forgotten. I think I was driving back and forth, maybe walking some. It was night. There was an area with low mountains with long slopes. At first they were just on one side, but later they surrounded the area, with a town in the valley between them. Earlier, when the mountains were just on one side, I went toward them going partway up the slopes. I think a few people were with me and some were already there. I think at that point I was on foot, though I might have just gotten out of the car.

Now, though, I was just inside the valley, on the long slope of the mountains. I had come there from the town, where I had been for a while. I wasn't far from the pass that went through the mountains. There were lots of utility poles all over the place, with lines hanging very low. So low that it looked like I couldn't get under them without some of them brushing the roof of the car. It probably wouldn't be safe to have that happen.

I had been somehow alerted to leave the valley, that there was some problem with the utility poles, that they might fall down or the lines might fall down. These were normal-sized poles here, but there had been a big one in the town, a very tall metal one, with an open structure with a lattice work of metal beams. I was afraid that it would fall and I hurried out.

I slowed, and finally parked beside the road. I was stopped here, unable to get out of the valley. Another car was parked nearby, perhaps a little ahead of me, though it could have been behind me instead. I think I got out of the car then and walked a little closer, to better see what was happening.

Magnetic flux lines were now looping down all over the place, soft glowing lines, with the lower edges of the lower lines expanding and fraying out and brushing the ground, looking almost like brushes made of energy.

Someone was showing them to me, apparently asking my opinion of them. It didn't seem possible to drive under them, that the car would get touched by the glowing magnetic lines.

A car had tried to drive through and was now stopped there and the person had gotten out. His car didn't seem to be damaged, though lines of force were touching it and were looping down all around it. The man was standing among the lines, getting touched by them without apparent ill effects. Still, I was concerned that something could be happening that we couldn't see, or might happen later if the man or car crossed more powerful lines.

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