Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dream - Part Two of the Forever Car

Thursday morning, November 6, 2008, I had a long dream, most of which is forgotten. Toward the end of it, in the part that I remember the best, I began searching for the legendary Forever Car.

In the dream, I drove around in an area that seemed to be something similar to the Reno, Nevada area, on the outskirts, in a loop between the new and old shopping centers. Some other people were with me sometimes and were at the far ends of the loop. Something was going on, but I don't remember what.

Now I was searching, though, for information on the Forever Car. Partway through the dream I had become aware, with a sense of wonder, that this was the previously unknown part two of the story of the Forever Car, and the person who was driving it was somewhere around there and I had to find him.

I finally found, with some of the other people following along with me, in a garage at the end of a long building in disrepair, a car in a concrete opening in the floor with a small van on a platform over it. I initially wondered if the Forever Car was underneath the van, that they might be trying to hide it that way.

My attention became focused on the van, though. It was partially dismantled, and on the face of it didn't look very remarkable. I walked around it, looking it over in wonder. Could this be the Forever Car? I became aware that I didn't know what it looked like, so I couldn't tell for sure. I thought I might be close, though, and that the man might be in the area.

In real life, the Forever Car was what I called the dark blue 1987 Oldsmobile 88, a four door sedan, in a project for a class at Landmark several years ago. I told the story of the Oldsmobile here in a post on August 10, 2007 called The Journey to 479.

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