Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dream - The space alien with the missing ear

On the morning of August 22, 2002, I had a dream involving little people with packages, new consciousness, and an extraterrestrial alien with a missing ear. I wrote down the dream back then, probably within a few days or weeks of it happening, but much of the earliest part was already forgotten.

In the dream, at some point I was talking to my father, who was with his wife. They were in a building, apparently where he had a business, near downtown Scottsdale, on the south end of that section of town. He said that another business kept packages for him when they arrived, and that he then went to that business to pick up the packages. The other business was a bookstore. I asked if it was the one on Scottsdale Road (thinking of Hunter's Bookstore before it moved across the street). He said it was not and that he had to show me where the other business was, rather then explaining it, apparently because the explanation would be too complicated. He and some other men set out walking to the north in a square loop, going north, than east, then north, and finally west. The men did not walk together, but seemed to be heading in the same direction, just at different rates. In real life, the section of town involved does not exactly match the dream, though it was a closer match in the past than the current landscape. Other dreams have had a similar downtown area to this dream.

Before they got to Scottsdale Road they entered a business, apparently a garage with areas set off for other functions, such as bookkeeping. In such an area a wall came out with a door in it. The building interior continued past the wall, which turned to form a closed-off area and then the interior ended in a wall with a door which led to a deeper part of the building.

In the first wall I mentioned, the one that protruded and then turned a corner, I remembered that long ago a recessed button used to be in the wall. Pushing the button would cause the wall to open up and a bookstore would be revealed. The button did not appear to be there anymore. A couple of the men were looking at a formed wire hanging on a wall, the wall that followed the outside of the building and led to the interior wall. The wire was bent into a protruding shape, as if for hanging a coat or as part of a shelf support. The wire was bent flat at the top and slightly slanted downward as it returned. At the wall, the wire was bent up at the top and down at the bottom, to fit into holders that allowed the wire to swivel. The wire was initially laid flat against the wall.

One of the men was pulling the wire outward, looking uncertain and uneasy. He pulled the wire partway out from the wall and paused. Nothing happened. He then moved the wire the rest of the way, until it was straight out. The interior wall then opened up and the bookstore appeared. I wondered how the bookstore could make a living, hidden so well.

The bookstore had two little people who ran it. These people were approximately four feet high and I felt were of supernatural origin (elves or leprechauns). My father did not seem to be here at this point, though the other men were. The little people confirmed that they kept packages for my father, who picked them up eventually. I asked them if they added late charges if he waited too long. They said they did not, but that there was one time when they did. They said that they had no set time for a late charge, that the time varied. On the one time they added a late charge, they gave a long explanation of how they had offered various services, such as making up advertising, selling the product, etc., and at each step my father had refused the offer. At each refused offer, they had added a charge. The charges added were extremely high, in the neighborhood of tens and even hundreds of thousands, but the charges were not in dollars. Eventually, after adding up all the charges, reaching a total, and then converting the total to dollars, the final 'late' charge was eight dollars.

They had a phone number where the business could be reached. The number apparently produced something like an Internet connection to the business, complete with graphics. I suggested that using the phone number, the business could be reached from anywhere and the package could then be delivered, instead of having to physically return to the business to get the package. The two little people looked uncertainly at each other and agreed that this was possible. They reminded me of the cartoon chipmunk characters Chip 'n' Dale, being very earnest and helpful, talking in quick little bursts, though with much longer pauses between sentences than the cartoon characters.

After agreeing that it was possible, they then turned to me and said that they still wanted me to physically check in with them, to make the next order. (Apparently at the time the previous order was picked up. This struck me as a pretense to get me to return to the store anyway.) I said I needed a number to reach them directly, that the previous number was the number to reach the store. They again looked at each other uncertainly, and finally said that, yes, they would give me a number but they had to look it up. They did not know what it was.

They went back into their store and began to look through papers, some of which were bound together into massive volumes. The papers were somewhat tattered and were of different colors. At some point the wall re closed and the bookstore disappeared.

We were waiting for them to call and give us the number. Finally, they called. The answering machine took the call. The one that called talked very slowly and softly, not like he did in person. He initially started out giving direct numbers, but then switched to giving words that represented the numbers, like when phone numbers are represented with words. Except that the words in this case represented a single digit per word, with the words being in a foreign language, multi-syllabic, and spoken slowly and indistinctly.

I tried to write down the phone number on a note pad with a small calendar on each of its pages, that I found in a box containing several of them as well as other items. I was a little concerned about using it since it did not belong to me. In any case, I was only able to write down the first few numbers. The other men, one in particular, worked at deciphering the code. The message was recorded, and they kept replaying it, even analyzing the waveform, trying to determine what was said. The letter that began each word apparently stood for a digit in the phone
number. I moved off to other things for a time.

An alien from a UFO came and told me how they were trying to raise the consciousness of mankind. They had been working for hundreds of years, converting a few people at a time, slowly. They showed me a small classroom in the building. The classroom seemed reasonably full, but only a few in there were being raised to a different, higher level of consciousness. In this new state, which was reached slowly over a long period of time, the people became more tuned into the universe, and developed psychic powers. They achieved kind of universal awareness. Some were achieving this as I watched.

The alien went back outside and I followed. The alien told me it was very important to raise mankind to this new state, and not all alien types were as friendly as he was. He told of another alien who held a grudge against us because a person had cut off one of that alien's ears two hundred years ago.

I asked the alien if the higher consciousness process could be speeded up to cover more people at once, and named a way this could be done. The alien considered and agreed that this was possible. I then offered another suggestion, and asked if an interface, using a machine, could be made between the aliens and the people, to speed up transfer of the powers. The alien thought about it and agreed that this was possible, also.

The alien had always appeared somewhat elongated, dark and shadowy as if composed more of energy then of actual physical substance. The alien was now drawn into the UFO, as if he was being sucked backwards into it, and seemed to flow and merge into it. The UFO, itself a vague shape, almost a presence instead of an object, then took off rapidly, elongating into a dark curved streak in the night. I returned inside.

The phone number to the bookstore was finally decoded, and the number was called. When it was answered, energy poured through from the other end. People clustered around a wall phone, bathing in the invisible energy, oohing and ahhing. The phone was not the phone from which the call had been placed, but was one of the phones to which the tech people had routed the call. The people bathing in the energy seemed to be gaining some psychic powers and awareness. As time passed, some left the phone, having apparently gained all they wanted, and others replaced them.

I finally decided to join them at the phone and crowded in. At first I did not experience much gain, although I could feel the energy. I gradually felt a small elevation of my consciousness, and then all of a sudden I could feel the energy wash over me, like being in warm water and having cool water from a source wash over me. I felt like I was getting lighter, and eventually I did start to rise slowly in the air. I drifted upward a few inches, until I bumped into an ornamental painted beam that ran along the wall above the doorway. I then moved off into the room, raising my whole body up until I was roughly horizontal, and above head height. People were coming and going. There were a couple of people walking along, talking. At least one of them did not look quite human, being too thin and elongated. I talked to this person and tried to get the person to return to the phone, as the person seemed to be only halfway converted by the energy. The person listened to me but wasn't interested and even seemed slightly annoyed, and moved off talking to the other person. Rejected, I hung for time in the air, my arms, legs and head drooping.

Eventually, I perked up and went outside, not the side where the UFO had been, but the side toward the back, the side where I had originally come in. Out there I was informed somehow that the alien with the missing ear was at a conference at the airport. Perhaps the first alien told me.

I felt that it was extremely important that I go there immediately. A phone connection was established to the airport and I went to a phone that was on the outside of the building. I turned into energy and flowed into the phone. It was a dark, invisible energy that was not contained within the wires but extended to several inches to each side. I flowed along the pipes and conduits. I eventually made it to the airport, but parts of me seemed to extend out and visit other phone locations around the world.

At the airport, I re-formed and went searching for the conference room. I met one or more aliens or people who told me to hurry. The aliens were not like the first alien, appearing much more physical. None of them seemed like the classic Grays. I located the conference room and went inside. I may have simply floated through the closed door, or I may have opened it and then floated in.

The room was full of aliens of various kinds. They seemed surprised at the interruption. The alien with the missing ear had been giving a presentation. He was thin and elongated, though not abnormally tall. He was slightly dark in color, perhaps with a slight purplish hue. His head was oval and tilted back, and his remaining ear, on the right, was set very low and tilted back. The ear was a different color from the rest of his head, being roughly flesh colored.

He had kept the severed ear in a small, ornate box all these years. I understood, perhaps from when the original alien had explained the matter to me, that this was not the original ear. The original ear had been lost somehow over the years and had been replaced with a different ear. I don't know the source for the second ear, but the ear looked the same as the one on his head, except for being for the other, left, side.

The alien, in his presentation of the injury he had suffered, levitated the ear out of the box and let it float out into the room, so that everyone could see it. I floated down the aisle and grabbed it out of the air. It was old and dry and crumbly, like stale bread, and small pieces crumbled off as I took it. I believe there was some commotion from the crowd, but it didn't matter. I flew to the alien and jammed the ear against his head. He did not really resist, but softly protested to me, that he knew what I was trying to do but the ear was not even what I thought it was. I felt he was trying to tell me that the ear was not the original one, but it didn't feel to me that it was an important distinction. I said or projected desperately to him to accept it, to draw it into him, to make it a part of him. I poured my power into it.

And then, suddenly, I was somewhere else, though I could feel that my body was still back in the conference room. My awareness, though, was in a different place. I was floating in the air partway up the side of either the enormous interior of a tall building or an area between two separate buildings. I was in an area between stories. The walls were made of brick.

I saw something on the wall, between the stories. Something lighter colored and elongated to the sides, an irregular beige splotch, more even on the top and bottom. I heard voices, from back in the conference room, saying "He's doing it." I went toward the splotch, reaching out for it.

Then I was back in the conference room. Some people, some of whom may have been aliens, were gathered around the alien whose ear I had attempted to restore. Their hands were lifted toward the ear and the area around it, like they were gently touching it, testing it, making sure that everything was alright, while they peered at it, heads tilted back slightly. They seemed to be doctors, or perhaps scientists. A crowd of people was around them, watching. I sensed that the ear had been successfully restored to the alien's head, and had started to live again.

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