Friday, February 12, 2010

Dream - Tiny crystal skulls

On Sunday evening, May 18, 2008, I fell asleep while a TV show about crystal skulls was on, and dreamed I was watching a show on TV. The dream TV show had a couple of simple cartoonish cars, like paper cutouts, on a road, and then I was part of the story.

I parked the car at the edge of the road, on the pavement. There was some kind of car trouble. The road wasn't too wide and was unlaned. It had room on it for two or three cars. My mother was with me. We went somewhere, to a big building.

Someone met me on the way and talked to me. He had an invitation or ticket to the conference. He had a small crystal skull, a little smaller than a baseball, and people who had been sent them or received them somehow were people who were invited, like the crystal skulls acted as invitations or tickets in. He thought I had gotten one too and was surprised that I didn't. He went on, then.

It was dark now, and had been for a while. I looked through the iron fence at the building, and somehow got past the fence and then went on in myself. My mother had gotten separated from me, and I'm not sure now whether she made it into the building before me or not. Evidently people could get in without a skull, though it was worrisome at first and the people with the skulls, apparently one or two thousand, tended to act elitist.

There were exhibits of lifesize or larger crystal skulls, many or all of them homemade by the participants, though some may have come from other cultures and earlier times. A lot the skulls were quite bizarre, and some of them had the top of the skull cut off. I reunited with my mother as I was looking at the skulls, and tried to show them to her. It seems we had to leave now, though, and I went down the row of them at the back of the building, partially a double row because sometimes they were on both sides. A raised counter with a slanted glass display ran along behind them, with an occasional person behind it.

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