Friday, January 29, 2010

Dream - A block wall across the back yard

Around October 10, 2008, I dreamed that it was around midday, and I was in the house talking with my mother, who was somewhere nearby but not necessarily in the same room. Looking out a window, perhaps the one in the kitchen door, I saw a block wall in the back yard, and went out to examine it. I found that it was being built across the middle of the back yard, going from one side to the other, starting at the east side, but was only about one half or two thirds of the way across and was obviously unfinished. The dogs, the Pekingese and the Boston terrier, had been trapped in small rooms, boxes really, built of concrete blocks attached to the wall. They were apparently put there in the rooms/boxes, constructed for them, to keep them from bothering the person building the wall and also to keep them from escaping into the alley. The wall wasn't very tall, maybe three or four feet, but I think it was intended somehow to be a replacement for the old wooden fence by the alley.

I didn't know who was building the wall, or why they thought they had to do it. I talked with my mother about what was happening. I looked out at it now and then, but I was having trouble catching anyone actually out there working on it, though the wall seemed to progress sometimes between the checks.

I finally caught someone. He seemed to be some kind of Asian person, like a Korean. I went and talked to him and tried to explain that he couldn't be doing this. I seemed to be having trouble being understood, though. He seemed to be trying to ignore me most of the time, with an almost desperate look on his face. When he did talk to me, he was very hard to understand and his English seemed to be limited. Finally, he left.

After a while a middle-aged man came out. I guessed he was the house owner. I got the impression also that there was a somewhat thin teenage son involved earlier or who might have been involved. I had the impression that the Asian man was someone they hired, though it seemed that sometimes he might have had a tendency to change back and forth into the son, at least when he was back or in their yard.

The middle-aged man went over to where the wooden fence had an inset for the time, long ago now, when garbage cans were used instead of the large plastic containers supplied by the city. The inset was gone now. That part of the fence was taken down and the man was trying to put a heavy, bent, angled metal bar across a gap between the block wall of the neighbor and the remaining part of the wooden fence, which seemed to have been extended some at that point, perhaps by some of the inset portion that had been taken down.

The metal bar was about three feet long and had a pale coating of some kind, with a little rust showing through along the edges and an occasional spot of rust along the sides. It seemed to be intended to be part of the new gate, which by appearances was going to be slightly wider than the old one. Most of the rest of the gate was still just open space, though it had a vague something in the bottom third, like a bunch of one inch slats almost matted together.

I went over to him and tried to explain that he couldn't just be doing this, that it wasn't right, that this wasn't his yard. He seemed to be having trouble with the concept though, and kept insisting that it was his right. I seemed to finally get through to him though, and he finally agreed to stop, and as a final effort got the metal bar to latch properly onto the wood. Then he left. I was left there with the unfinished work, and I would have to somehow get something put together with it myself.

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