Friday, January 29, 2010

Dream - The road like a dog frame

Around October 8, 2008, I dreamed I was at a military base, probably in Arizona or New Mexico. A lot happened in the earlier part, at or around the military base probably, but I don't remember it anymore. There was a large warehouse-size room there, though.

Then I was driving, showing some other people how it was done, and what they had to do. It seems like some people were after us, or were going to be after us. I was driving through a mostly flat area with some low hills. It was mostly dirt, kind of an oily looking dirt.

I went to an area that had a road like a dog frame, as seen from the top and back and slightly to the side, like an inner frame for a toy or perhaps a stick figure outline for a drawing. There was also a faint body outline, but it was not part of the road.

I drove along the framework, watching from far above and maneuvering the car like it was a toy, making tight loops along the dark line of the frame, loops that also appeared dark like the road. The loops were so tight and close together that they appeared mostly as a dark mass, obscuring the line of the road. I was trying to show the people how they were supposed to drive, how to cover their tracks.

Toward the end I was getting very tired, and as I went down the last leg, at the back of the figure, the tight loops became zigzags with visible space between them. It was going to have to do, just finish it. I was saying something to the effect to them that they got the idea, anyway.

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