Friday, December 18, 2009

Dream - The Old West town in another dimension

More than once I've had a dream like or with elements of this one. In the dream, which probably happened somewhere around 2001, give or take a couple of years, I went up a mountain and then inside it through a wide opening that narrowed toward the back, until at the back it was just a wide horizontal crack maybe two or three feet high. I looked out with others down a long slope toward a broad, fairly flat area, a plain that was partly covered with short green grass. Beyond the plain was more high ground, more mountains, In the plain, an Old West type town sat, several miles from us. It was apparently a re-creation of one, like a theme park. I think not too many people were there, but there were some.

It seems that this area on the other side of the mountain, where the town was, was in another dimension. Some bad people were trying to get us, and I went back and forth quite a bit, both to the town below and also just back and forth up and down the mountain. There was also, in this dream or a similar one, in the town or near it, a clear-walled circular shaft with an elevator, that led to a city under the ground. I took the shaft down a time or two, in the struggle against the people trying to get us, and spent quite a bit of time in the city there.

In the end of the time in the city under the ground, I was in a residential area, with one or two others I think. It was night, and there was an occasional distant explosion in the sky. I was trying to calculate where the other people in my group might be. They had their own missions, in other parts of the city. I was also trying to figure out where the enemy might be. Someone came, then, and told us that it was over, that we had won, that the enemy had been conquered or had given up or had run away, or perhaps some combination of these. I don't remember the details. I was a bit surprised, though, that it was over now, so suddenly. Now we could have peace. Now we could leave, now we could go home.

Going home was different than getting there. It was more a matter of intention, of specially willing it. Some, I think, went fairly quickly, but I walked on with some others through the dark neighborhood streets for a while, sometimes looking up at the "sky" above us, looking like a featureless gray overcast at this distance. I felt I could reach through it with my mind, and will myself home, but it didn't seem to be happening yet. I continued to wander through the neighborhoods, with the others, as time passed. As the night grew later, I became tireder, and frowned more, and the others were starting to wonder about me I felt, wondering why we didn't just go home. Eventually I did get there, but some members of my family, perhaps including my mother, came to meet us partway, and we walked the rest of way with them, through a neighborhood that became my own.

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