Thursday, October 08, 2009

Dream - Getting strange powers, running from people as a woman

On Thursday, May 15, 2008, I dreamed of me, or someone else, getting strange powers from something, some experiment or radiation or potion. It seems it was accidental in some way. The government was involved somehow. I could fade into walls and go out the other side, and was in a small store like a convenience mart.

Then it switched to someone else also getting the powers, a woman. She was sent to the store and something happened, her powers started manifesting and she ran into trouble, becoming dizzy and was falling into shelves. Someone was sympathetic, maybe the manager. The police were going to be called, though.

A couple of people went into a small side extension at the front and she followed, afraid they were going to do something. One of them had gotten a rifle or shotgun, she fought back and I think injured or killed him. She tried initially to fade into/melt into one of the walls, to try to escape, but it was a slow process. She went instead then to the back where there was a small recessed room with a man behind a desk or table, and behind him and raised up somewhat was a window with large Venetian blinds. The glass was very thick and heavy duty, and the man was some kind of clerk/guard for large amounts of money that were transferred through the window at certain times to an armored truck. I/she went to the window and started melting through the glass. It was slow but faster than the wall.

On the other side it was dark and a man was laying on his back on a raised platform, sleeping. He was holding a rifle. I was afraid he would be disturbed and wasn't sure how deeply he was sleeping or if he was actually sleeping. He did stir somewhat. I, as the woman, went to him and took the rifle barrel in both hands and carefully bent it back upon itself and then bent the end back to the original direction, pressing the sections close together. He did seem to be waking up more, seemingly aware that something was going on, but he wouldn't be able to fire at me. I left, flying away, and heard him behind me alerting people on a handheld radio.

I went into some place that was a hospital, some kind of mental ward. There were quite a few people in the halls, mental patients. They seemed friendly and tied to hide me. The people after me got to the hospital and I was going quickly down the hallway among the people. I got to a large room that had rows and aisles of big shelves, used for storage. Someone came in after me with a gun. I think that someone else intervened, and some kind of brief struggle occurred. The person after me was shot and killed, and there was a person who was an upper level supervisor for him who intervened on my behalf, who looked like the leader on the old Mission Impossible TV show. I looked for him then but he was gone.

I was talking to someone who came in, trying to find him or evidence that he had been there to show the person. I saw what looked like an irregular slightly oval scrap of paper with what appeared to be his picture on one side, like an ID badge, but closer examination showed that it was slightly curved, and made of something like thin soft light gray cardboard, almost like a scrap of an old fruit peel, like an orange or avocado. I thought then it was like some kind of prize or coupon that had to be redeemed. I found a thin tabloid newspaper with want ads and a hole in the page and thought for a minute that it might have come from there, but then I wasn't so sure. I had to leave, then. They were going to give me safe escort out.

I was on some kind of trolley-like car on a cable carrying other people. It was still dark. We were heading toward a bridge or overpass crossing the road. We had passed similar things on the way. I was informed by someone then, someone managed to get to me, perhaps it was myself as Stephen, and warned me that it was some kind of a trick, that some of the people weren't going along with the rescue and were planning to ambush me. I got up on top of the car. I seemed to be somewhat birdlike now with at least some feathers. I saw people situated at various points, in dark clothes with high powered rifles, dark figures and weapons shining in the moonlight.

I flew away, trying to take some cover with an overpass. They saw me and were firing. I think I was hit once, maybe in the leg. I flew around and to a small arched concrete section and started shaking it, rocking it back and forth a little and getting the attached roadways shaking, hoping to create a distraction. I saw the person who was shot and killed in the storage area earlier, but here he was, still alive. Apparently he hadn't been killed after all. He was lying on his back a little ways away, bandaged and held down with chains, smiling evilly at me. They were still shooting at me. I shook the arched section more and more violently, finally detaching it entirely at the ends and rapidly moving it up and down several feet, like a seesaw, shaking the man and the overpass and everything in the area.

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