Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dream - Breaking through to other dimensions, fighting evil things with love

On Sunday morning, November 16, 2008, I dreamed I used a little car to break through to another dimension, then we went to another dimension and used directed energy to fight evil things with love.

In the dream, after some traveling and discussion, I ended up in a house or a building, at a dimly lit room on one end, like a bedroom. My father and I think my mother were there. If not my mother then someone else, because there were at least two people.

I started talking about how I had discovered it, I had finally figured out how to do it, how to get the energy.

I left the room, flying or gliding swiftly forward, a foot or two off the floor, heading toward the other side of the house, showing them how it was done and hopefully showing them how they could do it, too. I raised up some as I approached the wall and went through a window-like opening in it, going into the next room. It felt like I was going through into another dimension.

Going through the other room, the situation changed to where I was now in a car going along a road that was raised off the floor, hanging in the air. The road and the car were small and toy-like, like they were representations of what was happening. The road went into a downward slope as it crossed the room, then rose smoothly as it approached the far wall, turning up near the wall into an almost vertical rise.

I distantly heard my father talking in the other room, discussing the situation with the other person. "Do you think he's going to make it? It doesn't look like he's going to make it."

I watched the little car, with me in it, rising on the little road, almost pointed straight up, near the wall and almost halfway up it. It was slowing down, but it felt like time itself was slowing down, that the process was becoming suspended in time, waiting for something to happen. Waiting for the car to break on through, with a sudden burst of bright energy and movement break on through the barrier holding it back, and break through dimensions and go through the wall into the next room.

Not sure what was happening but a little disturbed by the delay, I went over to the car. I felt that it should be able to do it, that I should have the power, but I didn't want to wait any longer. I felt that I had to break into the scene and do something.

I grabbed the car and pulled up on it, and it went up and slightly toward me, bright light pouring now from around it, a bright area in the middle with long thick rays reaching out, lighting up that side of dark room.

I turned back to the others, happy. "See? See?" I went back to them, and from the other side of the room and one by one, I pointed my finger at their heads and then their bodies. A stream of large drops, slightly glowing, shot out from my finger, getting them wet. I was giving them some of the energy I had, in the hope that they would then be able to have the power to do some of what I could do, and to give them some knowledge of the power and how to obtain it. They blinked, their eyes taking on new understanding and awareness, a new knowledge of the world and what lay behind it.

Then we went somewhere else, to some other dimension I think, to some place that seemed like a large ship. It was dark and dimly lit. We met some person who was very strange, not entirely human, and seemed to want to attack us. I said that we couldn't fight him, that it would make it worse, that we had to use love on him, that it was the only way.

We each reached out one or more arms, hands aligned with the arms, fingers pointing at him, and shot love toward him. He paused and straightened up, leaning back some, looking a little surprised. We kept it up and he started to change, some of the dark evil falling away from him. He became much more normal in appearance and stood there with a look of wonder on his face, and no longer wanted to hurt us. We left him puzzling over his new situation and moved on.

Near a railing, where the ship curved around, we came across another figure. This one was less massive and more human looking, and was taller and thinner, several inches taller than we were. We started doing the same thing to him, but he seemed to be resisting it better than the other one. I got worried and and jabbed my fingers, of my left hand I think, near his chest and then near his face, twisting my hand around as I did so, sending not love but a forceful, penetrating beam of invisible energy. It didn't work and seemingly made him madder and maybe even more powerful.

He leaned back slightly more and his face took on a more determined grimace. His right hand changed into something like a fat tube of what I felt was some kind of ointment, though I don't know what was in it. It looked like a very fat toothpaste tube, complete with a short cap. The other hand changed into something else, maybe something like pliers with large, rounded, flat, dark jaws filled with large triangular teeth. Teeth that, like pliers' teeth, were part of the jaws, but unlike most pliers' teeth didn't have sharp edges, and seemed more to grip firmly without tearing or cutting into what was being gripped.

Regretting my weakness in choosing to attack it, I again poured love into him, urging the others to do so. He fought against it, standing his ground and waving his hands around a little in a threatening manner, but finally we were able to win. He calmed down and started to change, losing his evilness, as the love took effect.

We turned then and went quickly down a hallway, into the interior of the ship. Something else was happening. At the far end of the hall was the open door of an elevator, and a figure ran to it and was tumbling into it, falling on the floor of it and twisting around to face upward and somewhat toward us. Two or three large dogs were also rushing into the elevator, black or dark brown on top with lighter brown underneath. One of them turned its head back and looked at me, seeming upset and worried and a little scared, but not really fearful, partially changing into a light brown-skinned man, or something approaching a man, as the elevator doors started to close.

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