Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dream - Finding an old schoolmate, Sally Field [not really]

On Tuesday morning, November 18, 2008, I had a dream in which I happened to find Sally Field, the actress, who in the dream was an old schoolmate, but who in real life I've never met.

In the dream, I went into a large building that seemed to contain a theater and some small shops. I think I was looking for something or someone. I had been looking in other buildings before this one, and a lot had already happened, but I no longer remember what.

The theater building had a lobby-like area inside, and an aisle that ran along the front, acting as an extension of the lobby, with small stores along on the side near the outer wall. Maybe some on the other side too, but I think they were mostly along the outer wall. I think they also had a large dining area off to the left somewhere.

After entering the building, perhaps ten or twelve feet to the left, I saw Sally Field, looking much younger than she does now, more like someone in her thirties. She was wearing a light blue gown of somewhat shiny material that came down off her shoulders in big soft folds that were secured to a seam at the waist. The skirt portion then went down almost to her ankles, widening slightly as it went. She looked beautiful.

She seemed surprised and happy to see me, and came to me and kissed me briefly on the lips.

I'm afraid I didn't really do much in the way of kissing her back. I mostly just stood there. Perhaps I was a little surprised, too.

She was there, it seems, for some kind of minor school reunion. It was evidently just an informal thing, with a few people from school getting together, though I was under the impression that they had rented part of the dining area for it. She had greeted me like that because she remembered me from school, and I dimly remembered her. In real life, of course, I did not attend school with her, and in real life she is probably about six years older than I am, but in the dream the situation was different.

We talked for a while, and walked back a bit in the direction from which she had come. A few other people were scattered around the area, but not many. Some may have been part of the reunion, but most seemed to have no connection with it and were there for other things. Although she was very happy at first, this seemed to be slowly fading, and she now seemed to want to get away from me, and for me to go away. She didn't really talk much about it, talking mostly of other things, and when I asked her why and if anything was wrong, her answers weren't very informative. She didn't seem mad, more matter of fact about it and even joking a little about it or the situation.

She went into a little gift shop and tried to hide, not very successfully, behind a circular wire rack full of little gifts, most of which were white. Almost all the gifts in the shop were colored white. I saw her from the other side of the rack, looking at her through the small holes between the gifts. We talked about the situation as she stayed on the other side of the rack from me, moving to keep the rack between me and her. She was no longer wearing the gown. At some point she had changed to just be wearing everyday clothes, with no apparent transition, unless she had somehow changed before I found her in the gift shop. Very little time had elapsed, though, and she may have even still been wearing the gown when I found her behind the rack of gifts. In any case, she was now wearing something like jeans and maybe a pale pullover sweater with something over it, an open jacket or open vest, probably also of jeans material.

She seemed a little sad now but also determined, but in a minor way, as if it was almost some kind of game, like she was going through the motions of something that she didn't really believe in. She still joked a little bit and talked about the situation in an offhand manner. She was still trying to get me to leave, but wouldn't say why. Some of what she was saying didn't really make sense, as it didn't relate at all to the discussion. I was worried that something else was going on, that something else was happening that she was afraid to tell. I was afraid that she was actually under the control of someone, that something had either been done to her mind to make her obey someone, to make her want to obey someone, or that someone was holding something over her, was threatening her in some way to make her obey, and that she dared not disobey him. She did seem to hint of someone else, someone who didn't like her doing certain things.

It didn't bother me that she might be interested romantically in someone other than me. I had not seen her for many years and had not expected to see her now. I was just afraid that she was in some kind of trouble.

She made a break for it and went perhaps eight or ten feet back toward the front of the store and got up on a tall counter that ran along part of the wall. The counter was covered in little white gifts and she seemed to be trying to hide among them. The gifts were much too small to hide her, and I was in any case watching her as she ran. I went up to her. She continued to talk to me, in a matter of fact way, slightly jokingly at times, lying on her stomach among the gifts. We continued our discussion, and she did not try to further escape. I tried to move some of the gifts away from her some, concerned that they might be damaged by her partially laying on them, though she seemed to have avoided laying on most of them, having pushed them away from under her as she was laying down. They were mostly little stuffed figures or animals with big pale ribbons, maybe some with little silk flowers also.

I finally got up on the counter with her to help her get up. I'm not sure what was going to happen after that, whether I could convince her to tell me what was really happening, and whether I would then be able to help her.

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