Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dream - Flying away from the castle on the mountain

Around the middle of December 2007, I had a dream about driving, and eventually about being chased from a hospital that became also a castle on a mountain. I wrote part of it down around the time it happened, intending to get back to it later. However, though I occasionally came across it in the file, I never got around to finishing it, and eventually forgot about it. When I finally did finish it, it was December 25, 2008, a little over a year later. I was, nevertheless, able to add some parts that I still remembered, and was also able to do a major expansion and polishing of it.

It was a long dream. Most of the earlier part is forgotten, though it was also very long. The earlier part had something about driving through Phoenix, I think, probably from around McDowell or Thomas Rd. to Camelback Rd. or beyond. I think the trip was done repeatedly.

In the part that I start to remember more clearly, I was outside, driving, then flying. It was night, I think. At some point, well into the dream, long white stucco walls were by a road. They also appeared earlier, and I had come back to them. There was also a taller stucco post with something on it about four feet up. I think someone at this point was after me, but it may have been a relatively recent thing. Though it was night earlier, it was now becoming daytime.

I went to a hospital in a different location, off to the side several miles at least, perhaps quite a few miles, maybe twenty or forty or even more. I flew out to the hospital, using my ability to fly, and left and went back to the walls, then returned to the hospital.

Lots of old folks were in the hospital. It may have been a old folks home, too. While there, I met a black woman nurse. She was medium build and perhaps just a little overweight. I talked with her a while. It was pleasant. She even laughed a little. I also met her a little later and carried her while flying.

I had been earlier kind of gliding around a few feet off the floor, sometimes flying instead. Part of it was showing off, but part was also the sheer joy of doing it. Some people did seem to notice. I think some grinned a little at me, their eyes opened a little wider than normal. There was a danger in attracting too much attention, though, because some people were trying to find me and get me. I tried not to be too overly conspicuous, and I did worry some that I might be overdoing it.

Now, though, when I picked the nurse up to fly with her, I found that she was much heavier than I had expected. I had put myself into a cross-legged sitting position, with her sitting in my lap with her back to me, and was trying to fly like that. I found, though, that her weight dragged me down, almost down to the floor.

I fought to stay in the air, and went toward wide steps that led down to a huge open area with a few people scattered around, apparently workers. I zoomed down into it, hoping I could stay up, but I went down at an long angle toward the floor and ended up only a little higher than before. I forced myself, willed myself, to think that both she and I were light and I zoomed up high toward the distant ceiling.

A least some of the people down there turned out to be part of the group that was trying to get me, and chased us. We went up to the upper story of the hospital, perhaps the third floor, perhaps higher, and went out a door to a flat roof or balcony that ran along this side of the building. Beyond it was a low wall, and on the other side of the wall was revealed a high cliff with the ground far below. Behind the building the mountain continued up. The hospital seemed to be castle-like now, a castle embedded in a mountain.

I looked out at the distant ground far below, dirt and shrubbery and farther out a wall and more things beyond that. I hoped I could fly, but I wasn't sure. I think there were people coming from both sides for us now, and maybe from behind us, too, through the door we came through. I had to do something, they were about to get us. I had to try to fly, to get away from them. I had to go out over the wall, out in the air far above the distant ground, carrying the nurse, and hope I had enough power left that I wouldn't simply fall, that I could at least glide in for a soft landing. I hoped it would work.

We went off the cliff in a long downward glide, eventually going over a road that went crosswise to us, with two walls running along it. Two important military officers were there discussing us. They seemed to know we were somewhere nearby.

I flew off over the fields, gaining altitude. The sun was mostly set, and the tops of things, such as trees, bushes, buildings, etc., were softly lit, emerging out of soft shadows. As time wore on, the light faded into darkness. I came to a small town and turned back to go to the hospital, to see if it was safe yet.

I flew back in the night over fields that were in major sections, separated by long crosswise roads and hedges running from road to road. Each major section was divided into small plots that were very roughly square, bordered with wiggly lines of thin hedges. Each major section had differently shaped plots and different hedge designs within each plot, with all plots being the same within each major division.

Although the woman was a nurse at the hospital, she was getting too tired now, and didn't want to continue all the way back to it. I stopped there among the fields and put her down on one of the roads, then I went back into the air and continued on alone.

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