Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dream - 'Uncle Jed' and flying

Sometime in the first few days of November, 2007, I had a dream about an 'Uncle Jed' and about someone mistaking me for my father.

In the dream, I was in Scottsdale, but it was a much smaller town with much empty space, perhaps something like it was decades ago. In the earlier part of the dream, I traveled back and forth to different buildings. I met two important people, who came up to me. One of them, the leading one, I knew as Uncle Jed (Jed Clampett, from the Beverly Hillbillies TV show) and the other one might have been my father at a much younger age than he currently is (he might have been around 40). (I have, in real life, on rare occasions, jokingly referred to myself as Uncle Jed when talking with my mother. I don't look anything like him, however.)

After talking with them for a while, I left and went through a series of buildings and rooms. At some point, I was in some kind of waiting room, perhaps for an automotive repair facility. Two older women, perhaps in their mid fifties (at the time of the dream I was 54, but could have passed for someone less than 40) came up to me. I paid the most attention to the one who talked. The other one was a shadowy figure who stood slightly behind the other woman and to her left. The first woman had very curly hair that was dusted with gray. The hair was not too long and was combed down except where it was allowed to blossom out at the sides. Her eyes were open wide and she leaned forward, looking closely at my face (I was sitting down). She asked if it was really me, and was marveling about coming across me after all these years. She got an envelope with large plastic windows from the other woman and showed me a drawing of a man, mostly from behind, holding a torch and working on a radiator. The name and address of the radiator shop were to the left of the figure, and the whole thing was in the upper left quarter of the envelope, showing through the plastic window, though part of the name and address was blocked. I felt that what she was showing me was from the mid-to-late 1960's.

She was apparently under the impression that I was my father, and that this was a picture of him. I felt that she had seen him in person, though, and knew what he looked like. I tried to explain to her that I was not my father and that the drawing was not him, just the little man that was used in the ad (though for all I knew the drawing could have been based on him). She never seemed to understand, though. I was also uncomfortable because I was dirty and wearing dirty work clothes, and had not shaved for days.

Eventually, I left and continued to wander from one building or room to another. It was dark, but it may have been dark for a long time. At some point, I ended up in a building that was several stories high, and I was at least three stories off the ground, with other stories above me. There were some other people in the room.

For some reason, I was becoming increasingly nervous and uncomfortable and felt that I had to leave. I went over to a large window that stretched almost to the floor. The window was either open or I opened it. I looked out into the dark, down the building toward the parking lot or alley below. The building had small ridges that ran around the building above and below the windows.

I wondered if I could just drift down to the pavement if I stepped out the window. Sometimes I could drift down or fly and sometimes I couldn't. I wondered if this was a dream or not. I decided to go ahead and try. I stepped out the window and did drift down, catching at the ridges with one of my hands and slowing myself in little jerks. It all seemed like a lot of work, requiring too much concentration.

After I got down, I decided to try to fly. I spread my arms wide and partly behind me and soared up and out at a forward angle. It felt so natural and easy, and was so much fun. I wanted to turn to the left, though, and was making a slow, wide turn. It seemed much harder to turn for some reason, than just soaring up.

As I drifted down toward the ground, Uncle Jed and the person who might have been my father came striding up, Uncle Jed in the lead. They were about three stories high now, though, and seemed to be made of wood with built-in joints, like giant wooden dolls. Uncle Jed's face seemed to be at least partially human, though. He had the same fixed smile that the robot in my "And fly away" dream had, and reminded me greatly of him, especially after I woke up. The other figure, the one who might have been my father, remained mostly in shadow. I felt that they, especially Uncle Jed, had come to help, both with the flying and with whatever situation had been happening in the building.

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