Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dream - The talking Pekingese

On the 26th or 27 of November 2007, in the morning, I had a dream in which a talking Pekingese appeared.

In the dream, it was cold, and toward the back part of the backyard of the house (the backyard was much bigger in the dream) snow and ice gradually and then faster rose to perhaps three or four feet high, ending abruptly, perhaps at a fence, perhaps a chain-link fence, not the wooden fence we currently have. A lot had happened earlier that I don't remember. In the front yard, I went over to the east side. The yard was mostly dirt with occasional landscaped portions with plants, similar to some other dreams. The front yard was raised up on the eastern side, getting higher as it got farther away from the street and closer to the house, but remaining highest near the fence, and water was running from the backyard, from the rain and melting snow, digging a channel by the low fence separating our yard from the neighbors'.

Not far from the house, laying on and wrapped over a high area, almost a ridge, and looking down into the water rushing by in the channel, was a pale Pekingese, looking something like Wojo, a dog who died somewhere around 1996-98. I went over to it and I think I at least partially picked it up, although it spent most of the time on the ground. It looked over at me as it lay there and talked to me in a low, even, calm and somewhat soft voice. Sometimes, especially later, it had a human mouth and even part of a human face, looking somewhat like an area of the dog's face was blocked out and the human features were substituted. I don't remember what it said, but it didn't say anything of great importance. I apologized to it for not writing in defense of the animals (I had apparently been supposed to be doing that) and said that I would do so soon. I may have also said something about other things getting in the way, trying to give at least a partial reason or excuse for the delay, or I may have simply thought it to myself.

Some more happened around and on the banks by the rushing water, with some seashells and strange little animals, including strange, fat tube-like animals and ones that looked liked some type of crabs or lobsters. At some point other people came and talked, sometimes to me and sometimes not. Some of the people were from next-door, from the house on the other side of the channel, and some may have been from down the street on the other side of us, and some were family members who had come out of our house. I talked to the dog from time to time and also concerned myself with the strange animals. The day was dark and it continued to rain, softly.

Much more happened in the dream. Weeks passed, though, before I wrote it down, and by that time a lot had been forgotten.

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