Sunday, February 15, 2009

Other worlds with other versions of us

There are theories in which an infinite number of worlds exist in the universe, and theories in which an infinite number of universes exist. Within these infinities, every possibility is explored. It's said that everything that can exist, must exist, and must exist an infinite number of times.

And so, there are worlds where the sea and the land are populated by creatures that do not exist in the seas and on the lands of our Earth, but the humans are exactly the same as they are here. The humans there have our faces and our names and our life experiences, and live in houses that look like our houses and have neighbors that look like our neighbors, and they speak our languages and live in countries that look like our countries, which have histories that are like our histories.

The fish in the sea are different, though, as are the animals on the land, and they have different names. This situation exists an infinite number of times in an infinite number of worlds, because no matter how unlikely, it is possible.

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