Saturday, May 05, 2012

Dream - My mother and grandmother fade out and I realize they are dead, and I look into two mirrors and try to will them to appear

On Friday, March 4, 2011, around 6:30-9:00 AM, I dreamed that I was in a living room somewhere. My grandmother, my mother's mother, was on one couch and my mother was on another. They were in the middle of the room at right angles to each other. I think my grandmother was lying down and my mother was partly lying down. I was leaning some over the back of one of the couches I think, talking to my mother. I think there was a stuffed armchair near me, maybe behind me. We were discussing my grandmother some, among other things.

Then it seemed my grandmother started to fade some, and I came to realize, if I hadn't before, that she was really dead, that she wasn't there, and she came not to be. My mother started to fade some too, her head and shoulders lingering longer, her head turned toward me and looking up at me, a sad and somewhat pleading look on her face, and she faded mostly out then, just a faint shadowy image left, like my grandmother's fainter, mostly gone, shadowy image.

Some other people started to come into the room. I was upset and left, going out into the hall. I seemed to be in something like a hotel. There were two large vertical mirrors on the wall, next to each other, touching. I went toward them and got very close, looking at them, trying to will my mother or grandmother to appear in them. I got so close my head was almost touching them.

Then a door to another apartment opened, maybe six feet to my left, and two or three people came out, at least one of them a child. They looked toward me, puzzled and concerned, and the man asked what I was doing. Two or three other people came out from doors on the other side, also seeming concerned about what I was doing. They were all either relatives of me in some way or were people who knew me at least some, who at least knew who I was. I moved closer to the mirror, touching my bent head to it, resting my head on it, almost trying to hide there, but it didn't work. The people didn't go away, and kept looking at me.

I pulled back from the mirror a little and turned my head to the left a little and said, "I was ... mirror gazing." They looked at me like I was a little crazy, sometimes shaking their heads. They turned away, then, going on about their business, though some of them sometimes turned and looked back at me.

The dream was a lot longer, with more before and after this, but I don't remember it.

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