Thursday, January 05, 2012

Dream - My mother and grandmother are at the store, my mother, though dead, has been eating too much, then I'm a child running across the water of the lake

On Saturday January 29, 2011, around 9:40 AM-1:20 PM, I dreamed I was driving. It was a rural area, partly developed, mostly undeveloped. It was daytime. I kept going by a place that had horses, some out by the road even, that came out by the road. The hooves of one was even making cloppity noises, as it raised up on its hind legs and was waving its front hooves, bouncing them along something, making the noises. Though I really only saw air, it seemed sometimes it might be hitting the car side window. It had a worried, upset expression on its face. It was being urged to do it by the owner or trainer. It seemed to be on Miller Rd., a little south of where the shopping center at Camelback Rd. would be, though in the dream it was much less developed, with a lot of open space and occasional trees, seeming to have a rural, small town, out in the country feel.

My grandmother and mother were nearby in something that was like a large Woolco. It was near where the shopping center on Camelback and Miller would be, just south of it. It seemed they were staying there too for a while somehow. My grandmother, near the entrance, wanted me to go get my mother, they had to leave soon for some reason. I don't remember anymore just what it was, but it was some event they had to be at I think. I went back further in the store to find her. She was basically straight in, maybe 50 feet or so, from where my grandmother was, off to the north side of the store, like my grandmother, but maybe 10 or 15 feet out from the wall, among some short aisles. She seemed young, maybe in her thirties. She had a partial smile on her face, and her eyes looked back and forth a little. She was trying to get dressed, but couldn't get her blouse, a flannel-like affair, down over her stomach. She had gotten very fat, and her stomach and sides stuck out a lot. I pulled on it and finally got it down. I cautioned her about it, mentioning that since she was dead she evidently decided to eat a lot, that she thought it didn't matter, but though it didn't affect her health, it did have an effect. I thought that it might be partly because she expected it to.

Later, I went back to the house with the path to the lake, the one in the previous dream, written about in the previous post, but I was a little kid, maybe 8-10 years old. I ran down the slope. People, a lot or most of them kids, were cheering and hooting and urging me to run into the water. Though uncertain about it, I continued running, and ran out into the lake. The water was shallow at first. I hoped it would continue to be, but I didn't know if it would. I continued running, while the shouts continued, having turned more to ones of amazement, that I was actually doing it, while continuing encouragement, though with less certainty than before. The water had only been a couple of feet deep at first, and I was running through it, splashing through it as fast as I could. I started going so fast, in combination with my power, that I was able to run then partly on the water, only going a couple or so feet down even though the water got deeper. I kept running all the way to the other side, where it had a much sharper slope and somewhat deeper bottom, and threw myself into the thick trees and brush there, which caught me like a wall and bounced me back some. I landed on my feet near it, on the sharp slope in the shallow water near the shore. The people on the other side were still shouting, in amazement. I went around the lake back to the other side then, back to where I started.

Back on the other side, I went up the broad aisle with the strange, smooth, grayish brown dirt surface, back up to the top, and then along a lane back toward the back of my house. It was different than in the other dream, though, the surface of the side lane was flat and seemed to be similar to the broad one, though in large segments, with close seams. Some other people went with me, tagging along, some little kids, and an older teen. I might have been following the older teen.

Then we were going back, back toward the broad aisle. He had some large cloths or paper towels or something, I think he had a large whisk broom too, and I and some some other kids were helping him to clear the broad path. It had gotten some sand along the edges, creeping in in irregular ways. Now it also had broad flat railings, and I was also rubbing them, cleaning them, though I started worrying about marring the surface, rubbing at it with the cloths, getting the fine sand off it. In a few areas it did seem marred a bit, the shine muted. I kept polishing it, hoping to make it better. As I made my way down, the railing started to change too, into strange elongated car fenders in places, that also had to be cleaned, and some of them went off into the side aisles, and I worried about marring them too. Some kind of event was going to happen here soon, tonight. It was already night now, though it had been light when I arrived, though not very bright. Some people were already filling the rows. I think my father was going to be there tonight, too.

The dream had a lot more earlier in it I think, back when I was driving back and forth.

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