Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Dream - Computer problems that blended into reality

In the late morning of Wednesday, November 26, 2008, the day before Thanksgiving, I had a series of strange dreams. The following dream is the second in the list (the first one is "The figure receding sideways through the clouds").

In the dream, I was using the computer, and had been rapidly looking at several things and doing various things, at sites on the Internet I think. I was very intent on what I was doing, almost like it was some kind of business activity, though I may have just been checking what users were doing and their responses to things.

Suddenly, some error occurred and shiny pastel curtains filled the computer screen (again). Long pink curtains in the middle with short blue ones hanging at the top and long blue ones at the sides, or something like that, something like a theater or a Loony Toons sign-off screen.

I pressed a key, the Ctrl key I think, intending to respond to the message at the top of the screen and try to get out of the error, and then mentally berated myself for doing so. These attempts don't usually work and it generally just gets worse from then on, resulting in having to manually turn the computer off, and I should have just done that to start with.

I heard a slight beep (or maybe the beep was at the beginning, when the curtains first appeared), then the screen changed to dark gray with just slightly lighter gray swarming static. I stared at it, and then pressed Ctrl-Alt-Delete, but nothing happened. Disgusted, I pressed it a couple more times, and then suddenly a loud beep was heard along with some clicks, and I realized that the power briefly went off and then came back, shutting the computer off and turning the monitor to a default OVERRIDE mode. I realized this even as I was waking up from the loud beep, sitting in a chair in front of the computer, where I had been napping.

It's odd that the dream seemed to predict computer problems and the computer being abruptly shut down (which in the dream I was trying to do). The dream even said that it was "curtains" for it, and if it really was a Loony Toons sign-off screen, those come with Porky Pig saying, "That's all, folks!"

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