Friday, June 04, 2010

Dream - Getting fast food and taking my aunt to a restaurant, then going to my brother's house and when I return to the restaurant my food is gone

On Saturday, January 23, 2010, I dreamed I had been at a small shopping center I think, and then went and picked up my aunt, my mother's sister. My mother had wanted me to. I had a big, white, fast food bag in the car with me. I had a big sliced meat sandwich, either beef or ham, ham I think, on a large hamburger bun, and I got it out of the bag either before I picked her up or after, and was eating it. I also had a very large iced tea in a paper cup, all of it from Arby's I think.

My aunt got in the car. There was a lot of stuff in the car for some reason, and it was fairly crowded. She was fussing a bit, and started saying she was hungry too and hoped I had gotten her something. I said that I had and picked up the bag from the floor, near the central hump and slightly on the passenger side, and next to the seat. I opened it and got her sandwich out. It was huge and vaguely squarish, as big as four slices of bread made into a square, but on a kind of hamburger-bun-like thing, mostly square but with broad rounded corners. It might have had some folds on the top. Inside it at the front it had two small hamburger patties and at the back two huge ones, and like mine was wrapped in white wax paper.

She took it, kind of bothered, and was looking at it and was saying it was too big. I had been wondering some about that too now. When I bought it I had intended for it to be that size, and thought that she might give the large hamburgers to her cats. I took back the sandwich, frowning and talking to her, saying alright, I would fix it. I tore off one of the sections with a small hamburger and gave that to her. She accepted it, still fussing some, and started eating it.

I took her somewhere, another eating place. The place was fairly crowded, and I went to a round table, big enough for four people. It had a lot of stuff on it, left behind by other people. I put the bag and my drink on it. My aunt said she had to leave, and put what was left of her sandwich back in the bag. I had intended for her to take the rest of the sandwich, but I hadn't said anything to her about feeding the hamburger she didn't eat to her cats, and she hadn't really seemed interested in it. Oh well, it felt like it was too late to bring it up now anyway.

I started going through the bag, thinking I would go ahead and finish off what she hadn't eaten. I think the rest of my sandwich was in there too, along with something else, maybe some fries, maybe some dessert, I'm not sure. The big hamburger was broken up into sections now, and separately wrapped. To my surprise I found that part of it looked like it had been eaten too, maybe part of both of them. I found the small one she was eating, that was mostly gone, just an arc of it left, so I couldn't have confused them. I wondered if part of the big ones had been torn off instead of eaten. I couldn't be sure, and decided to just eat the part away from the part that looked like it might be eaten. I went ahead and did so, though I don't think I quite got finished. I got distracted by something.

My brother and his wife came, and he was showing me something, in a place he had nearby, that was actually attached to the eating place I think. It seemed to be a combination business and home. His children were there, younger than they are now, still in their teens. There was a big section with long counters, partly in rows and partly in a box shape. They were a kind of grainy pinkish tan, and they had little computers and other small electronic devices on them, widely spaced. At least some of them were things he had developed for his artwork. He pointed them out and showed them to me a little, then went off to the living room, which was an extension of this one, to watch TV with his wife. His daughter showed me around some more, pointing to the devices and talking about them while I occasionally asked questions. At some point the devices changed quite a bit to other things, still small electronic devices though, just different designs. I was given something to eat at some point, maybe when I was talking to my brother, some kind of big puffy bread thing, maybe an over-sized dinner roll, that I carried with me and ate.

I decided after a while that I had better get back and check on the food I had left at the table. I found, then or a little earlier, maybe before I had gone to my brother's place, that another family had come in, and was going to use the table. It seemed like they might just want to use some of it though, and I had hovered around, moving my drink some I think, and moving the bag to a slightly different section of the table. The table was already crowded with other stuff, from before I had first come there. The father, a tall, fairly thin man, was talking and making some room on the table, saying that this one looked alright and part of them could sit here. A worker or two, women, came and were carrying away part of the old stuff.

When I came back later, to check on my food and maybe get a drink or two of my iced tea, I found that though the table still had a fair amount of stuff on it, the bag of food was gone, and though my iced tea initially seemed to still be there, when I moved around the table looking for things, sometimes going toward the counter of the restaurant and back, I eventually found that it was gone too, and I couldn't find it anymore. I was disappointed that it was gone, too.

I eventually left, maybe going back to my brother's place, but then leaving again in my car, still crowded with things. I needed to go somewhere, maybe home, though I think I was going somewhere else first, maybe to a shopping center, perhaps the one I had been to before or another one.

I think the dream had a lot more, particularly in the beginning, more at the shopping center and maybe even some at home. Somewhere in the dream, maybe earlier, maybe in a different dream, I was out with my car, and stopped at the base of a tall dirt cliff. I had something with me, some item I was holding, maybe something I had found there, and was talking to someone, maybe my mother, who maybe was still at home. I might have been on a phone, though I was also holding something else, and someone was with me. I initially forgot all of it, but some started coming back within a half hour or so.

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