Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dream - The choice

I had an interesting dream on the morning of Friday, April 18, 2003, involving an important choice in my life. I'm not sure what was happening in the first part of the dream, perhaps something about school or work. Then the direction of the dream slowly changed.

The dream was mostly very dimly lit. I was in a large house or other building, with several rooms, some of which were oddly shaped. I went into a large dark room with an audience seated, waiting for me. Some sort of initiation was to be performed, but it was almost like a coronation. I was the honoree. The room was also filled with people moving about in a large central area with a broad, relatively short aisle leading to it. I saw a glimpse of a young woman and some other people who greeted me. I was led into the room by an older man, and maybe one or two other people. The young woman initially appeared to be largely undressed, wearing a light-colored small poncho-type garment, tapering to a point between her shoulders, and nothing else. I noticed as she moved quickly away toward the front, though, that she was actually wearing some tights made out of some shiny, relatively heavy, material.

I followed after her and was presented with a choice. Both the young woman and a small boy, perhaps three or four years old, were placed before me. I understood that I was to choose one of them. I realized that it was to be a very important choice, determining the future course of my life. I felt it was also in the nature of a test.

Everyone was waiting expectantly for me to choose. I started talking, analyzing the situation. I said that the boy was symbolic of various things, the last one of which was the future. As I said each thing, the audience nodded expectantly and seemed to become more pleased as I named each additional symbol. I turned to the woman momentarily, having temporarily exhausted my symbols for the boy, and said that she was also a symbol of the future.

Wishing to postpone my decision as long a possible, as both choices seemed desirable in their own way and I didn't wish to exclude one and choose the other, I kept talking. I asked if I could ask other people for their opinions. Everyone nodded expectantly while continuing to smile and watch. I asked if I could choose both of them and they nodded and smiled more deeply, seeming to be pleased.

Though I did not choose then, and seemingly never did actually choose, it seemed to lose its urgency after that and the dream moved forward to a new situation. I became aware that people were happily cheering and the initiation was over for the moment. I felt that I was actually some figure of ancient royalty that had just passed the test, fulfilling some ancient prophecy for the return of the prince.

As I moved away to exit through the way I had come, I noticed the CIS Manager, the computer person from Fallon, Nevada, a tall man with gray-white hair and beard, in the crowd that had been sitting but was now moving toward the exit with me. I didn't get close enough to speak with him. Outside the room, I felt that there was some enemy approaching, but I had passed the test successfully and was filled with power. I even flew about, leaving the building and coming back. I talked briefly with the young woman, at one point asking her what she thought my choice should be. Her personality seemed happy, but somewhat respectful, perhaps because of my rank. She seemed to be willing enough to talk, but she seemed evasive and somewhat quiet on this subject. Both she and the boy seemed at times to be somewhat foreign, perhaps Mexican, although this was much more prominent with the boy.

I left again and then came back in through a small entrance way/hallway that immediately branched in all directions. My mother was there and I talked to her briefly. She seemed to be cautioning me about something. She was also one of the people that were with me when I originally came there. I then went back in, and woke up shortly thereafter.

In looking back on the dream, although in the dream I was definitely leaning toward choosing both the woman and the boy, I never explicitly made the choice, which seemed very attractive and seemed to represent a family and the continuation of the family line, through the boy, into the future. The choice of either one separately would have meant other things. The woman, of course, would have been an attractive companion. Choosing the boy instead of the woman, though, would have meant companionship on a different level, that of childhood. In a way, in real life I chose the boy instead of the woman, as I did not wish to grow up. I felt the best time in my life was when I was too young to go to school, and I viewed growing up with great anxiety, feeling a great foreboding regarding it. In a way, this foreboding was correct, though some would argue it was a self-fulfilling prophecy. (I have had, though, many psychic experiences, including correct predictions of the near and far future.) In the dream, even if not implicitly, I chose a different course.

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