Sunday, February 19, 2006

Dream - Captured and consumed

This dream, featuring extraterrestrial aliens, happened sometime in early to mid December of 2005.

The dream had been going on for quite a while, when I found myself in the jungle with several other people. It was very dark, but it was possible to see some, perhaps by moonlight. I seemed to be shorter than normal, and none of the people in the group was very tall.

Off a ways I could see some low hanging branches, just above head height. In the darkness above the branches, and apparently laying on the branches, were aliens with large black eyes and thin, gray bodies. I could feel them more than see them, although their eyes were dimly visible. They were waiting for someone to come under the branches, where they could catch them with their minds. I could feel the darkness from their minds from where I was.

I wasn't going to go over there, knowing what would await. The group of people I was with separated, though, with part of it going away from the aliens and part of it going under the branches where the aliens were, and becoming trapped. Not wanting to leave them to their fate, I went over there, too, and became trapped myself.

I could feel the darkness of the aliens' minds reaching out, like a light that shone darkness, and I could also see black tendrils of their minds descending in front of me, like vines forming the bars of a cage. I could move, but not much. It was like being trapped in tar. I twisted pitifully from side to side, as did the others.

Then, suddenly, I was spread-eagled on a table, with my arms and legs strapped down, and aliens were performing various procedures on me. I had my head turned to the side, and I tried very hard not to pay any attention to what they were doing, knowing that it would eventually be over, as had happened so many times before. The aliens were all around me, though most were a little ways off. I tried very hard not to look at or focus on them, because it was just too scary to do so.

Then I was somewhere else, and the aliens were requiring me to consume a long caramel-like string of some substance. It was being given to me end-on, and was slowly being fed to me. It was a light brown in color, and even tasted vaguely caramel-like, but less pleasant. The whole experience felt distasteful, but I continued with it.

Then, suddenly, I had a view of the situation from a different plane of existence. I saw my body, laying on its stomach. My body looked like a light yellow object, like something crudely carved out of butter. The legs were almost entirely gone, but I think some stubs remained for the arms. The rest had a somewhat eroded, frayed appearance. I felt I was looking at my energy body, what was left of it. The caramel-like string I was consuming was energy from the aliens, but several strings led away off my back, where they were consuming me. They were consuming a lot more of me than I was of them, and over the years that this had been going on, more and more of me had disappeared, until this was all that was left.

Then I was back to reality, with the fog of the aliens lifted from my mind. I saw that I was laying on my stomach on the gray floor of a gray room, and the string I was consuming came off the tip of the tail of a reptilian creature who was laying on its side at an angle to me. The creature had a heavy tail, very big legs and relatively small arms, and a big, dinosaur-like head. The creature might have been perhaps six to eight feet tall if it was standing up.

It was consuming the energy from me as I consumed the energy from it, and it lay there with closed eyes and a peaceful expression on its face. I felt that it enjoyed the exchange of energies, and perhaps obtained some benefit from it. I was getting by the far the worse part of the bargain, though.

Acting quickly, I broke off the last six to eight inches of its tail, got up, and ran away. It lifted its head up and peered back at its tail. Then it called out to me with its mind, radiating love and saying that everything was alright, and wanting me to come back.

I kept on running, though, through the jungle. I have the impression that it started chasing me, but I had a good head start on it, and it never caught up with me, at least not while the dream continued. I have the impression, though, that I came upon some new kind of situation, just as the dream ended.

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