Sunday, March 17, 2013

Dream - A visit with a leprechaun

On September 10, 2010, Friday evening/night, or maybe morning, I dreamed there was a skinny little man, maybe four or five feet high, with short dark curly hair, and a very short small beard. He was wearing a pale suit, open, with maybe a small bow tie, and a pale hat, something like a fedora. He was in a room in a house I visited I think. He was standing on something, maybe a low bed, that was unmade and close to the floor, maybe just a pad on the floor that was used as a bed. He tended to be facing to my left. We talked for a bit, from where I was, next to or in the doorway. He was a leprechaun of some kind, I felt. He seemed slightly upset, bothered by something, and kept moving his feet back and forth, in a kind of half pacing motion, while staying basically where he was.

I had come to the place where he was, from somewhere outside. I had been talking to some other people about something. It seemed that I almost expected to see him, but was still a little surprised. Perhaps I hadn't really expected him there, though I think I had expected to see someone, that I had gone there to do so, to check with someone about something, who should know something about what we were trying to find out.

I think I might have seen the leprechaun somewhere in the past years ago, in the past as remembered in the dream. It was not his room or his house, and I think he expected to be gone before the person whose room it was showed up. At least part of his nervousness seemed to be due to that, anxiety over the person coming back.

A lot happened earlier that I don't remember.

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