Friday, September 11, 2009

My Word Imperfect entries, Part III

In June of 2007, I came across a blog called Word Imperfect, which is run by a person known as the Word Imp. At that time, the blog was normally updated every day, but for quite a while now new posts have been rare, due to the blog owner being busy with other things.

Originally, each day the Word Imp put up a new word and a made-up definition, and readers submitted comments with their own made-up, "wacky" definitions of that word. The next day, the Word Imp revealed the real definition and chose three finalists from the entries submitted. Readers voted (in a poll) for what they thought was the best one, and the next day the Word Imp announced the winner. The only prize was the glory of being chosen.

This is the third group of my Word Imperfect entries. The times given are the approximate times of my posts, in Arizona time(MST), from the clock on my computer.


12:47 PM 7/3/2007

A jargonelle is a machine used in the food industry to fill and seal jars.


2:34 PM 7/3/2007

A musette is a short musical composition, frequently less than a minute long and seldom over two. Popular during the 17th and 18th centuries, it appears today primarily in plays, movies, and advertisements.


I missed adding a definition.


9:57 PM 7/5/2007

Lentitude is a combination of length and attitude, and refers to the smug, superior attitude sometimes adopted by people driving cars with extremely long hoods. Lentitude is found less often today than in the past, and has been partially replaced with tankitude, the attitude of some people driving SUV's.


10:20 AM 7/6/2007

A rotifer was originally a person who was employed at or frequently attended the Rotifington Theatre in London, a place once known for its bizarre and humorous plays. Eventually the term came to be applied to any person who liked that type of humor, or even to any practical joker.

Example: "Well, the kitchen sink is full of frogs again, I wish I could find the rotifer who keeps doing this."

I don't know whether my definition of rotifer was a finalist or not.


4:37 AM 7/8/2007

Timocracy is the complete takeover of an ecosystem by any one species of plant or animal. The name is a combination of the first letters of "Tyranny In Major" (TIM) and cracy (meaning rule by).


11:57 PM 7/9/2007

A mutograph is any graph in which the middle and higher values are suppressed in favor of the lower values, making whatever is shown to appear to be less than it is. An example of this would be using only the lower cost projections in figuring future expenses for a project, thus making the project appear less costly.


12:36 PM 7/10/2007

A vambrace is a device to firmly hold the mouth of a vampire open while dental work is being performed. Like other people, vampires do sometimes need dental work, although they would prefer that this not be known. Unlike other people (well, most other people), vampires cannot resist the temptation to bite the dentist's fingers, and so the vambrace is absolutely required.

I don't know whether my definition of vambrace was a finalist or not.


I missed adding a definition.


4:03 AM 7/12/2007

A muniment is when a person forgets what he or she had been talking about, and unable to regain the memory, finally begins talking again about some other, often unrelated, subject. Muniment takes its name from Mrs. Muni, a teacher who sometimes became lost in thought during her lectures, and when she again came to realize where she was she usually could not remember what it was she had been talking about. She always plunged ahead gamely, though, often sending the lecture into new and unexpected directions. Her students invented the term "Mrs. Muni moment" for this, eventually shortening it to "muniment". In time, muniment came to be applied to any similar moment of confusion suffered by anyone.

I don't know whether my definition of muniment was a finalist or not.


7:13 PM 7/15/2007

A cloop is a collection of chicken coops. You might wonder why people would want to collect chicken coops, but that just means you're not a chicken farmer.

I don't know whether my definition of cloop was a finalist or not.


I missed adding a definition.


7:57 PM 7/17/2007

Teknonymy is the use of technology for evil purposes. The technology itself may or may not be evil. In the Star Wars movies, for example, light sabers can be wielded by both the forces of good and the forces of darkness.

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