Friday, August 14, 2009

My Word Imperfect entries, Part II

A little over two years ago, I came across a blog called Word Imperfect, which is run by a person known as the Word Imp. At that time, the blog was normally updated every day, but for quite a while now new posts have been rare, due to the blog owner being busy with other things.

Originally, each day the Word Imp put up a new word and a made-up definition, and readers submitted comments with their own made-up, "wacky" definitions of that word. The next day, the Word Imp revealed the real definition and chose three finalists from the entries submitted. Readers voted (in a poll) for what they thought was the best one, and the next day the Word Imp announced the winner. The only prize was the glory of being chosen.

This is the second group of my Word Imperfect entries. The times given are the approximate times of my posts, in Arizona time(MST), from the clock on my computer.


1:18 PM 6/21/2007

A squacco is a stool pigeon, an informer, but one who makes no attempt to hide this and actually brags about it. The usefulness of such people is not as great as it could be, as they tend to suddenly disappear or meet with an unfortunate accident before being able to testify.


12:10 AM 6/23/2007

A limbate is a thicket so overgrown with branches (limbs) that a person cannot get through it. The word is a combination of "limb" and "hate."


3:59 AM 6/23/2007

A tortile is a general term for any item that goes into or on a tortilla.

Example: He was greatly enjoying the tortilla when several tortiles fell on his shirt.


11:54 PM 6/24/2007

A crambo is a type of machine used in the dairy industry for separating cream from milk. The word comes from a combination of cream and boy.


11:06 AM 6/25/2007 *** finalist

The Holothurian is a subdivision of geologic time within the Eocene epoch. During the Holothurian, a short period of cooling occurred that lasted approximately 1.5 million years. Numerous plants and animals disappeared during this period, but it is considered only a minor extinction event. The Holothurian began 38 million years ago, and ended with a worldwide return to warmer temperatures.

My entry for holothurian was chosen as one of the three finalists. It's allowable there to vote for yourself, and I did. I didn't win, though.

The vote count the last time I checked it:

8:02 PM 6/26/2007

Choose a winner for holothurian
Brian O Vretanos 47.06%
Stephen 17.65%
Gregg Mattocks 35.29%

Total votes : 17


8:31 PM 6/26/2007

Moxa is the plural of moxie, and is used when referring to a group of people who all have moxie.

Example: The mountain climbers were full of moxa.

I don't know whether my definition of moxa was a finalist or not, as I didn't get back to the site in time to check.


3:57 AM 6/28/2007

An incubus is someone who is really into doing Rubik's cubes.


12:45 AM 6/30/2007

Aboulia is an abnormal fascination with ghoulish films.


3:05 AM 6/30/2007 *** winner

A eudiometer is a device for measuring yodeling. It records variations in loudness, the frequency range used, the speed and intelligibility of syllables, and the tolerance level for the average non-Swiss listener.

My entry for eudiometer was chosen as one of the three finalists. It's allowable there to vote for yourself, and I did. I ended up the winner.

The vote count the last time I checked it:

8:29 AM 7/1/2007
Choose a winner for eudiometer
Stephen 100%
Shari 0%
K 0%

Total votes : 6


5:32 AM 7/1/2007

A crankle is a group of cranky people. They may be cranky about the same things or different things, and some may be cranky about many things. Some or all of them may also be cranky with each other. Approach a crankle with caution, as its affliction can be contagious.

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